I Have No Internet, But I Must Tool.

(Song is titled "Soldiers")

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  • Memories in 2014...... imm crying rn

  • This is the first song I ever listened to and still one of my favs by FREAKING FAR

  • It's amazing how much your sound design has improved since this.

  • Man 4 months ago and I still think this shouldve won.

  • I like the arp, but I kinda feel like the bass at 0;59 doesn't really work.. and then it cuts off way too suddenly... regardless lovely melodies.

  • i just had to play with this a lil bit, waited to post/pub tell after d-date for comp


  • Impressive. You never fail to impress Xav.

  • Omg the speech IS Charlie Chaplin. Nice

  • Cool entry XRB!

  • I say it sounds way better on speakers than headphones.

  • This sounds SO FULL. Majestic as heck.

  • Charlie Chaplin ftw haha great job

  • *Compotition

  • This should be their first pick for the composition!