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a-recordsStaff's Stuff 6

Next round full of Stuff

1. Of unicorns and dragons by @E-trim

„Techno worthy of it's own short film. With Unicorns, lots of unicorns.“

2. Into The Sun by @Jordi Moragues

„True dramatic journey to the expanding sun at the end of its life. Amazing display of musical genius and perfection.“

3. river gorge by @abstract

„Fast, energetic and really well balanced track from abstract. The percussion somehow moves me.“

4. Kondundrum by @Bluedude

„Very cool and complex masterpiece by Bluedude. Lots of sounds coming from all places and a really uplifting vibe.“

5. signal modulation experiment by @Jambam

„A welcome return from one of our best.“

6. Tainted Aurora (Ft. acloudyskye) by @Bleū , @acloudyskye and @solir

„Simple and catchy with a nice laid-back atmosphere.“

7. one minus zero by @tornsage

„Another great emotional and calming track from one of the greatest guys on AT. Tornsage on his best.“

8. Sasha, Sissi and the Baba Circle by @Rodrigo Del Canto

„Lovely synth sounds and beautiful exotic melodies and harmonies. This will keep the summer alive.“

9. Old plans run by @Olondro

„Techno at it's true fundamentals ... Lovely low sounds and just the right percs at the right place.“

10. Subway by @loste

„Great synthwave track, it catches that specific feeling perfect.“

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  • User Avatar

    Rodrigo Del Canto about 8 months ago

    Thnx u <3

  • User Avatar

    Jambam about 9 months ago

    Whoa Cheers guys! :)

  • User Avatar

    Jordi Moragues about 9 months ago

    Thanks a lot for the add!

  • User Avatar

    Bluedude about 9 months ago

    This is the second time a track of mine has been added to a staff's stuff album. I'm surprised because I didn't know that one would actually listen to my tracks. But I'm also very grateful. Thanks for the add! Nice selection of tracks.

  • User Avatar

    Olondro about 9 months ago

    thanks, cool collection