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Hello AT! I'm really after lots of constructive criticism and tips on how to do new things. Please good or bad (as long as it isn't trolling) leave comments!
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- Generally annoy people and mildly insult everyone, seems to make me popular
- Have sex with Natalie Portman
- Solve perpetual motion, then not tell anyone
- Buy a clown fish name him Nemo then post him to the first random post code I find in the book
- Have sex with Kate Beckinsale when she's all dressed up like in Underworld
- Have sex with Natalie Portman AND Kate Beckinsale when they're BOTH dressed up like vamps from Underworld
- Give up drinking..............HA HA HA ha ha........hee hee :)
Check out
@ollie for er kinda dubstep, kinda housey er dunno but it's good!
@AUDIOARCHITECT Because he's genuinely a really nice guy. I know I don't trust people who are too nice as well.
@Tottenhauser For his happy and sunny attitude
@Cripta Because he is cripta
@fauko One day the south will rise!!!
@arche3.0, even if he is part of the mainstream capitalist society and when the revolution comes will be first up against the wall.
@tornsage For some of the best and most emotionally charged music there is and cos he's gonna die in 28 day 6 hours 42 minutes and 12 seconds
@yafee? Cos he's British and we're just better!
@Versus La creme de la fromage :)
@rnzr Cos to look at him you wouldn't know he's a total gamer geek!
@Mad∞Scientist∞Mike He's a really good bloke for an American, honestly I thought he was Australian when I first met him.
Collab with Daftwill @DaftJam
And collab with fellow 303 fetishist @roobarb Jaroobam :)

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