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Sunderdissonance RESULTS

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A huge thanks to everyone that participated in my little contest <3

And now to the results!

1st : dissonance by @it's embr

This completely blew me away. Very original take on the track and the percussion was spot on! Not much else to say other than, damn.

2nd: Dissonance by @Recompense

A later, but oh so sweet entry. The way that the intro transitioned into the chorus was beautiful and left me wanting more.

3rd: diss_onanc.e by @known

A wonderful production. I love how you brought out the grittiness of the bass and combined it with trap percussion.

Honorable Mentions: some dnb flip that is totally original and Dissonance (ApoC Remix)

Turns out DnB sounds really good with this track! Great job guys.

Again, thank you so much to the contestants and my followers. None of this is possible without you guys <3

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    it's embr about 7 months ago

    oh cool

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    Recompense about 7 months ago


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    reyvaz about 7 months ago

    Oh shit ty ty