Cover of track dissonance (Remix Comp) by Sunder
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Sunder, dissonance (Remix Comp)


Well, I finally hit 100.

Huge thanks to the people that constantly listen to and support my music.

===== R u l e s (DEADLINE 12/20) =====

1. Must be audiotool. (Sorry no baebleton or fruity d00ps)

2. You must stick to the key of the track. (D minor)

3. Use at least 2 elements from the original, be it melodies/harmonies and/or sound design.

Bounus points if you use Next ;)

===== P r i z e s =====

First Place: $25 Amazaon gift card, a collab, and a shoutout on my wall.

Second Place: A $5 Steam game of your choice and a collab.

Third Place: A shoutout

Honorable Mentions: A few good pats on the back.

(Prizes subject to change if I can think of better ones)

Good luck and thanks again! :)

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