Edition Audiotool: Fontana

Total playing time: 0:57:59

The varied Top10 of our Electro grandpa @fontana Check out his feature on Facebook as well: (link is only visible to registered users)

1. fontana - it socks (Farcio's Malandrone Mix) by @cripta

"I like Cripta's ( Farcio's) tracks from the very beginning. He is a brilliant musician, composer , very professional … Techno or not Techno ... with a bright sense of humor."

2. Long way home by @André Michelle

"I don't know why (progression, noise, rhythm, the locomotion … ) but this one impressed me most … I come back to it so often … a little masterpiece."

3. Testees (Original Mix) by @Astrum

"Awesome track - Astrum - what a talented Audiotool artist ! Stunning ."

4. Winter Sky by @sbronz

"Beautiful music by sbronz. I close my eyes, hear your music, smell the wind and feel the sun … like at home. This music leaves me with a sense of empowerment : I miss sbronz."

5. Papa was an Audiotooler he had the Blues by @SouthBronxDen

"Funk, Jazz and Audiotool – That's South Bronx Den . His tracks are unique, every one of them. And all are recognizable as his very special personal style."

6. My Industrial by @WhiteGrizzly

"Intense industrial track by White Grizzly. Fantastic and deep are his sounds . What a trip in White Grizzly's world."

7. summer base 1 by @pot

"Japan + music + gaming = pot … He deserves much, much more support . Great artist, very talented and so underrated … shame on you!"

8. Minutes of your Time by @AUDIOARCHITECT

"audioarchitekt : „ lay down, put on your headphones, turn up to a suiting volume and let me take a few minutes of your time... „ I do"

9. amaterasu / wren by @dronealpha

"It's time, soul and music , own samples and Audiotool … emotional tracks by dronealpha."

10. Tijuana by @tornsage

"Excellent Chill track with great sounds of the southern- vibe of Tijuana ."

Artist recommendation:

You should check @The Seahorse 's music. He deserves much more attention.

My own favorite Track …

"There are so many masterpieces on the Album Best of Fonti .. perhaps "what's going on"

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    gratuliere :)

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    About time you got featured king of audio tool ;)

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    The Seahorse

    Congratulations on being featured! Well deserved, my friend! And thank you for mentioning me!!! :)

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    Nice to get a taste of some music I wouldn't normally listen to. I'm not really a fan of techno or anything like that, but these songs are all great.