Just learned about the AT caps lock feature! :)

Also, I finally had to admit to myself that I've been running my kicks WAY too hot. :( Hope this is better.

I'm leaving town on Sat for the holidays, so this will be it for a couple of weeks.

I had a lot of fun making this one! Hope you dig it!

Cheers and happy holidays, my friends!!!!

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  • Caps lock...thanks

  • catchy

  • Didnt know the caps lock feature thing till now. Thx for that :)

    Great track man. Love ur detail in songs

  • This is actually the most psychedelically captivating track I have heard in a while. All these sound effects are amazing and the bass is just so resonate. Amazing work mate

  • ACIIID!!

  • spectacular, very strong congratulations

  • Wow wonderful!

  • chunky

  • Replay and refav for this one.Happy New Year bro ! :)

  • Nice one here! :) Keep up with the great work!

  • cool :)

  • Wow :O Amazing track ;)

  • the bassline is stuck in my head now, i like it. but what is the cap locks feature?

  • When are you making moarr