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last minut35SkySeaLandFlames - Last Minut35

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Total playing time: 0:28:33

So... here it is. My debut album as last minut35, named "SkySeaLandFlames".

The name comes from a similarly named Tumblr account that I used for a few weeks long ago. That name represents the four classical elements: Air (sky), Water (sea), Earth (land) and Fire (flames). I'm a sucker for elemental stuff, y'know.

As for the album itself, it's basically a bunch of electro, dubstep and a few drumstep-ish tracks, with accoustic drums on one track, 8-bit melodies on another, vocal samples on some tracks, and tons of blips, wobs, screeches and melodies of each one of these tracks.

Surprisingly for some people, I started some of these tracks a year-ish ago but somehow forgot about them. I then dusted these tracks off MONTHS later and got to complete them and release them at last. Anyways, this album's tracks were completed over the course of a year or two, with Alternate Worlds being my first ever full lenght track as last minut35.

Currently, the album is only available at, but I'm planning to put it on bandcamp for the public to get it for starting $ 0.00 aka free (or support me, if they want to).

Anyways, please leave a comment below and share this with your friends and family. Feedback means support and less loneliless for me yay!

That should be about it. Hope you enjoy this album (or part of it) and Happy Holidays, everyone!


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    Thanks, luxior.

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    I'll have 30 albums pls.