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Kawaii EP

Total playing time: 0:16:38

My third EP on the Audiotool platform! After about 3 years being here, I've gotten to know so many people and interact with many others, and it's been a great experience for me. I love you all! You are all... KAWAII! That's right, this EP is for you guys! Thank you so much for being here with me for 3 years!

As a celebration for this EP and (almost) 300 followers I've decided to host a remix competition. All you have to do is remix a song from this EP and publish it. Winners will be drafted into a mega collab with me since I don't have money to give out.

I want to give special thanks to a few awesome people.

Qvin: For being a great friend always helping me when I needed it and teaching me some ins and outs

Navor: For letting me into his group of friends, which is the reason I know a lot of the people I call friends today, and even some skills I have now.

Derrenno, Vulkron, Almate, StageFright, and Zerod for being HUGE inspirations to me.

I love you guys <3

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  • logic would dictate the french translation of goodbye would be the last track. But no. It is the second to last. Logic problems aside I quite enjoy this.

    • It is the last track, before the Encore ;)

  • So close to #1 on the Album Charts guys! We can do it!

  • Woah remix competition

    • Oh lol

    • I did not actually

      I just wanted to remix them

    • I thought you saw that when you started remixing Coffee Shop lol

  • Due date for the remix competition is April 4th guys!

  • I LOVE all your songs their AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • remix time boys

  • If you want to support me you can download the tracks here: or on Bandcamp once I set up the download there. On both I can accept donations as well. It means a lot to me guys! Love you!

  • Remind me to listen to this tomorrow

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  • Yessssss time to remix