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Mostly inactive. Join my discord to talk to me pretty much cause I don't check this at all. It was fun while it lasted.
Please don't expect any music regularly.
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If you ask nicely maybe she will make you a picture too.
hey you.
I have a trick on how you can maybe collab with your favorite audiotool artist as long as it is not infy.
just ask nicely.
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Hello fellow creatures from the internet!
I come in peace!
I try my best to make Uk hardcore. If you scroll down my page you might find some chiptune, Dance and some terrible Dubstep.
Please crit where you can and give feedback!
Feel free to remix what you want.
Also don't fav, write a comment.
Or fav but still write a comment. Please.
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"why are trap producers responsible for everything bad that happens to electronic music?" ~Blind Hyena, December 2017

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