Edition Audiotool: Daftwill

Total playing time: 1:12:01

@Daftwill calls it his "List of Inspiration" . Hopefully it inspires you to check out his feature on Facebook: (link is only visible to registered users)

1. Space odyssey by @+sumand

"My favorite track on Audiotool. Sumad and his fellow pall077 did an amazing work on this piece. It's so intense, so trippy. I love watching the stars and listening to it ... it gives you the feelings of traveling through galaxies ! I would kill to open that track and see how they did it."

2. Trip 17 by @rnzr

"Each time RNZR publishes a track, he makes everybody agree: each of his pieces is awesome, this one particularly for me ... Very spacey sounds, with only a kick as percussion, it transports you far above the clouds ... I remember I listened to it in a loop during a plane trip while watching through the window ... Mind blowing!"

3. Train of Fear by @Frigolito

"For me Frigolito is the best composer on Audiotool. The man who can make synths sing! Damn, that track ... I can't explain it, it's simply a drop of acid in your ears, nothing more ;)"

4. Karma ex by @Snadbrugen

"For a long time my favorite by him was "crocodile", but he has recently produced that one, and I fell in love with it the moment I pushed the "play" button. A kind of dark hypnotic melody such as he could easily create a thousand more, and developing drum parts, as he does so well on each other track of his."

5.El machinista v.1 by @cripta

"A little "bomba" as he likes to say. He has produced a lot of great Techno tracks. This one is my favorite of his. I love those hypnotic pads, those jumping drums and that clear and terrific bass! And this time : No Pulv ... but party there is my friend !"

6. FUKT by @oedipax

"Together with Jonjon, the best DnB producer on Audiotool. This track is so bluffing! It expresses so much violence. I feel so much blackness when listening to it. A real horror movie soundtrack ! And damn ... look at that picture!"

7. Broken Projector by @Kepz

"This track ... I have spent so much time, listening to it while watching sunsets, stars, landscapes, just thinking ... So brought with it so many emotions ... and this guitar synth. What a beauty! I love the kind of Trance Kepz produces! I always have good times while listening to his stuff."

8. Shifted by @CGMan

"Oh man ... what a bomb! CGMan made me discover the Neurofunk with his banging tracks! How he makes his synth roar on this track ... Unbelievable. Each track of his is pure genius!

9. The Nightmare by @TechnoSignal aka 808chunk

"If I could , I would choose every track of his, he is simply a genius! Since I can choose only one, it's this one. That bass! He manages the sound and the specialization so well! A terrific track!"

10. Fluid by @ascent

"A huge track too! Another Audiotool genius! I love Ascent and his banging Techno tracks! This one has an extrem darkness! And its sound design, is for me one of the best on Audiotool."

Artist recommendation: @sumad

"Sumad is my favorite Audiotool artist. He's not so unknown. (even for me he deserves to be known by every user) but he's surely so underrated! each track of his is a piece of art, and deserves so much more attention!"

11. Little Devil by @sumad

"My favorite Techno track on Audiotool! This is simply perfection, nothing more to say ... You could play it in loop during a party all night long without a problem!"

My own favorite track :

12 Head into Space (Daftwill Remix) by @Daftwill

"First, I wanted to take a track from one of my collabs, but collabs are only one half of my work. So I have picked this one, because it's the only one I could make sound almost as I wanted it to. But big credits to Noraus."

I recommend you also to check the following artists, they are really worth it : @EliaTrix , @Sonic Particles , @Ante , @かたな , @in5omniac , @lucy inugami , @Olondro , @André Michelle , @Marodeur , @noraus1 , @Shakey and @Intracktion

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    Thanks so much for including me, and the beautiful comment. I almost feel out of place between all the dark stuff. You have a great taste! :) congrats, well deserved!

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    thx fellas ! :)

    @tott : collab are one half of my work, so i can't consider it as one of mine, plus "the lab" is much more sand than me ;)

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    next im getting featured jk But ive heard some of daftwills tracks well deserved

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    André Michelle

    Hell of a playlist :)

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    Every single one of these featured albums has a rnzr track