credit to jonnybambino for the guitar pluck preset

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  • refav for an audiotool classic

  • so funky

  • amaze!

  • Still amazing. I was reading about stuff people like to do by themselves. When i read a comment about driving down winding roads, windows down, listening to music I immediately thought about this song. It's that great.

  • I still isten to this all time

  • Refav

  • holy mother of frenchy garlic fries on toast this is epic!

  • Really beautiful and nice Kepz !

  • Republished


  • So beautiful :'), a real classic.

  • thanks friends. i always thought it was one of my lazy tracks with simplistic drums and bad mastering. but i'm glad you still enjoy it! :)

  • Breathtaking

  • I'll never get bored of this

  • wait... only now i realize you are actually one of my favourite artists here... why do i forget you everytime???

  • still genius