Edition Audiotool: arche3.0

Total playing time: 0:48:29

This week we present the varied EA album by our veteran @arche3.0 . Thanks for compiling it. Check out his interesting interview on our Facebook as well: (link is only visible to registered users)

"Some of these tracks are what got me to push myself in Audiotool to produce better music. All of them remind me of my journey here at Audiotool."

1. Departure by @André Michelle

"A classic track that got me excited about Drum and Bass."

2. Chill n' Bass [Full Track] by @Infyuthsion

"Infyuthsion has always had a high quality of tracks and this one was one of my first listens to his music."

3. Count Floyd - U.F.O. by @CountFloyd

"An old track, but good and used all samples."

4. My Radio Is Jammin' On by @LowFeel

"One of my favorites on the site. Just a jammin' track!"

5. Illuminated Darkness by @808Chunk

"808Chunk has been a huge influence to me on the site and I try to learn as much as I can from his music."

6. Techno Ravelation by @TechnoSignal

"A track from 808Chunk's alternate identity :)"

7. There's a Rat in my Kitchen by @Jonjon

"Jonjon is an inspiration for Drum and Bass music."

8. 7/4 DnB by @Gno4166

"Another oldie, but well done track."

9. Dubtexno by @noraus1

"This is the classic Noraus track that helped teach a lot of us about effects and sound quality."

10. Parlez-vous Francais by @Joa Ebert

"A great filtered track by Joa. A classic!"

Artist Recommendation: @E-trim

"E-trim is an artist I like and think should be exploding on the scene now. He puts out quality and makes some massive tracks."

11. Massive Progressive (E-trim Remix) by @E-trim

Favorite track of his own:

"This is a track I'm proud of for working with multiple 303 patterns in a fun way. I spent hours lining up those patterns to the point where it became a labor of love. I love the 303's timeless sound."

12. Demonstration by @arche3.0

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    did you sneeze half way through this picture being taken lmao

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    @iseewaves - I wanted to show influences from when I first came onto the AT scene. Torn is definitely a great influence, but I only get 10 possible tracks to list LOL.

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    the first album without tornsage

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    ty my friend!

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    Congratulations my friend and thank you!

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    André Michelle

    Thanks for including me. I am actually not into dNb, it was just a test of the new audio track back then. Keep up your great work on Audiotool. Much appreciated!

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    sky bound zoo

    ARCHE3.0 The first social butterfly of AT (:

    Its great to see you are still around !

    -tophat xD

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    Great to see you featured and cool selection of tracks! :))))

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    I wonder who will get the 100th feature? *me*

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    Big congratz man. Im pretty surprised u chose me as recommendation :) But thx allot.