Lining up 303 patter tracks is much harder than lining up note tracks....I'm exhausted now.

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  • WOW great music!

  • Is this one worthy of getting on an ep? Not sure if mixed well enough. Might need agressive mastering lol

  • WoW :O

  • Ah so they where interlocking, I just cheated and used delays and different tunings so the highs from one would match the lows from another, mind you there wasn't much (if any) phasing in mine.

  • No, I needed to have a couple of 303's playing patterns where one would start the pattern and another would end it in a bar. It was because the fx routing required each 303 to be programmed with their own banks to create phrases

  • You mean alternating between banks?

  • hardest part was lining up the patterns so different 303's would play different patterns at the right time

  • Yeah like the 303 harmonies :)

  • @SouthBronxDen lol same here. what's 303?? idk n idc, but this track is awesome (:

  • the best part is at the end when everything comes together I love this :)

  • Yeah.great job!303 never die....

  • 303=bassline tool

  • ps I know i don't know what all the technophiles are talking about (3o3 etc) i just know what moves my toes...

  • thanks for the great track

  • Fucking awesome job with 303 patterns man, this is fucking great.