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Darkest Days

Total playing time: 0:44:50

~Welcome to my Darkest Days~

FREE Download of EP Here:


Special Thanks to the Artists who are included on here, you guys are Awesome!!! <3

@ĐỢℬໂ尺ᗰ∀₦ , @kung pao , @D e e r , @Dzool , @S.N.O.V.A. , @UniverseCosmic

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  • there ya go, everything is fixed for the bandcamp download, and the description stuff.... i know i suck at punctuation btw-lmao :P

  • Before you release this officially, please fix the grammar. It should be DAYS not DAY'S

  • days! :P

  • #1 on the charts for a second week, ive never even seen that happen before-lol Thanks again for all of the love friends, means so much to me!!! <3

  • Thanks alot friends, im so happy everybody is diggin on this so much!! :D

  • really incredible work skull kid. Your music always hits that perfect spot.

  • Thank you my friend! :)

  • Just great dark and deep chillout - like it a lot!

  • Thanks guys!!! ;)

  • congrats :D

  • After a second listening this is really dope!

  • #1 on the charts and its only out for like 36 hours.... i love you all so much, i deff wouldn't be anywhere near as far as i have become with making music without you guys. Shout out to anyone who's reading this cuz that means that your a true fan and you care about me just as much as i care about you, thank you. <3

  • Doooope