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My first official EP is out! the funny side of the moon EP
Years ago I started to produce just with Hardware (a few synth and a hardware Sequencer).
Some day I tried to produce some tracks with a well known Software DAW.
After this experience I was really frustrated, because it was very tricky and in my eyes not to do intuitive music...
Music must flow ! <3
After years I developed Audiotool and my creativity was unleashed! I really like that visual intuitive platform!
My favourite music is Psy-Trance in mostly all subgenres!
If you are interested in this music check out some of my tracks.
But I want to produce other music-genres as well - because music is too big to put it in just one style...
Anyway - feel free to give some feedback...
And please be shure to check out the great stuff of @PsySeeD
He is producing different psychedelic styles as well...
Keep on rockin' <3ö>

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