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a-recordsEdition Audiotool: SuperN.O.V.A

Total playing time: 1:06:11

This new episode of the Edition Adiotool has been compiled by @S.N.O.V.A.

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1. lost found lost again by @sky bound zoo

"Also known as Jace or top hat he has taught me so many things and I still look up to him and his music."

2. cold summer (will move) by @amoeba

"Amoeba, Not only have I collaborated with him a couple of times but he has always been a big inspiration for my unique style of music."

3. Stay Fly (ft True) by @tornsage

"This song was very inspirational when I started on my second album Brother Earth. Tornsage has always been a large supporter and fan of my music and in the past has encouraged me to take risks in my music."


"This is one of my favourite songs for being so mellow and light."

5. [Lulu] by @[offbeatninja]

"... is so jazzy and mellow and all of his music still inspires me to make beats."

6. Personal Music - Esperience "Five" by @WhiteGrizzly

"White grizzly has always produced the most unique music with long meditation and ambient tracks to dark and mysterious tracks. Whenever I feel the need to be unique I look to no other than White Grizzly."

7. elaq by @Flying Baby Seal

"Just another amazing artist that has always caught my attention."

8. Snowfall (feat. Potasmic) by @Audial

"This is what a perfect collaboration sounds like!"

9. Silhouette by @Crazy about You

"I have watched him grow and will always support his music."

10. Four Chords by @‏‏‎

"Always been a big fan of his tracks so keep up the good work!!!

Artist Recommendation: @Sir Nightshade (Goodbye)

"My artist recommendation is everyone and what I mean is it won't hurt to look through the community and give songs a listen that might have just been uploaded. It means a lot especially when the bigger people of Audiotool give recognition or support or even advice. To tell you the truth I went through the community spent minutes and found this gem Chrono Realm.

11. Chrono Realm by @Sir Nightshade (Goodbye)

"My favorite track that I have made on Audiotool is:

12. Ginseng by @S.N.O.V.A. "

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    about 2 years ago

    @sbz I am speechless thank you

  • User Avatar

    sky bound zoo

    about 2 years ago

    you've come so far man..

    in many ways you've inspired me

    super neon on vegas airwaves

  • User Avatar


    about 2 years ago


    i remember him from back in the day

  • User Avatar


    about 2 years ago

    I go way back with this dude

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    about 2 years ago

    thank you audiotool <3

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    about 2 years ago

    vv yeah

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    about 2 years ago

    See, even though I love this artist and it brings back some true AT nostalgia, it would be far better to feature people involved with the community.

  • User Avatar

    Sir Nightshade (Goodbye)

    about 2 years ago

    oh my god, that is so sweet ;3;