this is a collab between potasmic and myself, originally it was a remix of C.N.C but it quickly sounded like a whole new track so we decided that it would be better as a collab. Thanks potasmic for the awesome melodies, harmonies and that reverb in the break XD.

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  • This is absolutely beautiful. Great work, lads.

  • Absolutely Magnificent Well Done A solid 5 Stars On a scale of 1-10 11

  • I came here in need to find inspiration for a prog house track! I can proudly say I am inspired by this legendary artwork of sounds!

  • Wow good music! your are a very good DJ

  • The new waveform shows a more clear view of how the track is sounded wow

  • caught my attention while playing dota :)

  • very sweet song.

  • So good. Too good. This should belong in the hall of good things. haha

  • amazing

  • amazing

  • Gorgeous composition! (:

  • iz deadmau5 progresziv hau5?

  • I'm not a huge fan of progressive music, but the production quality and mixing is good, so I guess I'll keep my genre snob to myself...

  • very nice.... it's relaxing !!

  • loved the starry/glittery sounds at 1.38