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Audiotool Underground Chapter 18

Total playing time: 1:43:06

Hard to do the selection 'cause........... what a level of skills on AT !!

Keep going m8s, fantastic tunes !

Stay Classy audiotoolers.

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  • ;')

  • mhhh yeahhhhhhh.......................

  • awsome

  • QFT

  • my bad too...

    But this is 100th times that someone made ​​your comment... so it starts to annoy me a bit!

    And as i said, if you want to point some undeground artist who deserve attention, go for it and post it on my wall ;-)

  • I've never complained to anyone. I make music because it makes me happy not because of recognition...

  • Woah my bad. I didn't mean it in a bad way...

  • don't think Sampler.... learn to read, i have already answered ;-)

    But if you have not pleased with what we do, go ahead and do your own selection !!

    and please, stop whining !!

    Big artists are in the selection because they do COOL music !!

    And if some of the newbies would open a little bit their track and learn , they would stop complain to everyone, that they don't have the recognition they think they should have !!

  • All of these songs are good but are all of these underground songs? I think you should go tp the deepest corners of audiotool because there are a lot of people with unrecognized talent.

  • yay im on it! great stuff!

  • Thanks m8s for the support !

    There is a confusion about the name : ATU is not about underground users.... it's about cool music ;-) but if i can promote some new unknown users with cool music, i will do with great pleasure !

    But if you want to put on my wall some links of some undiscovered talents on AT, go on !!

  • one of the sweetest selections ;)

  • I'm sure it's hard to find promising new artists, though. Keep up the good work.

  • I love it, but I really wish that there were more underground artists on this. It seems that it does have some great upcoming artists, but it also has a lot of well known artists as well.

  • am i underground enough hehehe