Had a surge of inspiration, created this in 2.5 hours! One of my best. Inspired by Versus - One Morning :)

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  • thanks so much man :D

  • fucking good entry

  • thanks AH :)

  • I agreewith okayy the stabs seem out of place with the rest of the track, they seem "out of the mix" and maybe detuned too much, but the rest of the track is KILLER

  • 70th! great track dude

  • thanks dude! 69 xP

  • jazzy trippy sounds m8

  • for a 2.5 hours preparation, well done! love the bass ;)

  • ikr right.... that escalated quickly haha

  • "That happens in life! Walking down the street and get accidentally hit by a drive-by shooting....that sort of thing."

    lolwut XD

  • thanks phillip :D

  • @O-blow depressing much? geez... that was blunt

  • this a supper sick song

  • nice intro + stabs!

  • awhh ok