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Free usage rights for The Flux Corporation

Total playing time: 0:38:05

This is a list of songs that all members of the Flux Corporation (a flux-tech oriented Dredark.io clan made by me) can use in coding projects or whatever.

Comment below what songs you want to have added if you want to add something. You can only add your own songs. If you don't own the song, you can always get the owner's consent and I'll accept that.

If you comment that you want to remove a song from this list, the song won't count as available for Flux Corporation use anymore and I will remove it from the list when possible. You have to either be the owner of the song or have obtained the owner's consent in order to remove a song.

If you find a song on here that you or someone else owns that is on here without consent from the owner, please let me know.

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