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a-recordsStaff's Stuff 3

Total playing time: 0:46:24

Enjoy the next Edition of Staff’s Stuff. This time with a short commend by the moderator who recommended the track.

Have fun!

1. Sirens by @WhiteGrizzly

„The italian prince of darkness with a new dark Ambient gem“

2. Underground Lake (Standfast Remix) by @Mr. Standfast

„One Audiotool legend remixing the other who was inspired by him. Where else do you find stories like this?“

3. Lagan by @lucy inugami

„So relaxing and beautiful sound.“

4. Displace by @acloudyskye

„Not my style of music, but u can't ignore the quality i guess :)“

5. //i can't//// by @lucy inugami

„Instant Hasukī fave.“

6. Metabolism by @CGMan

„Ppl need to learn to love Neurofunk ... and what better way than using a CGman track :)“

7. Wandering by @Kibmas

„Short but nice.“

8. Gritty by @Kepz

„Nice chords.“

9. House demo1 by @MALIK SUKAI

„Authentic Old School House“

10. Hadron Lake by @TechnoSignal

„Typical 808Chunk track“

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    Seamis Miller-Barrell

    about 1 year ago

    really great stuff on this play list

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    about 1 year ago

    wow I just noticed this thank you!

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    about 1 year ago

    Thank you so much! It means so much!