This is quite entertaining

The draft existed for over 2 years, I changed it multiple times. It broke recently, especially the samples got shifted. Now it's fixed for export but I can't guarantee a fixed project file.

cover: ("Waterfall base" by Alexander Chelyshev on

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  • jessuuus those textures, so good

  • welp that ending was very abrupt

  • Have ever heard a song that took you hours to fully process because it was so good. And these pinheads wouldn't give me time. XD

  • 174 bpm? why not 175?

    • homie are you tweaking

  • what a fucking legend

    • i feel like I've come out of the closet

    • this is the hardest backpedal i’ve seen in my life lmao you just made my day omfg

    • big fan of his tracks tho. I found him about half a year ago with some sick dnb tracks

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  • ThE MeSs Of Sounds On ThIs

  • refav

  • crazy how you melt vocals basses and percussion to a perfectly flowing adrenaline rush :D

  • Republished

    MASTER EQING AGAIN; the very high frequencies make me aggressive on this track so i put emphasis on mid x)

  • Republished

    less pressure on the beat, master eqing, downloadable

  • Hah That vocal is awesome

  • refave

  • Woah , nvm it's amazing

  • Woah what this is cool