Edition Audiotool: Almate

Total playing time: 0:58:23

Thanks @almate for putting this cool Edition album together for us. Also check out his interview on our Facebook page: (link is only visible to registered users)

1. nightlight (Notoz Remix) by @notoz

"Not many people can produce at a caliber of this level. It feels good just to listen to this. I wish to be able to produce Drum and Bass like this someday."

2. Til you by @notoz

"A collaboration of two people that I look up to and respect so much. These two are intelligent producers who can work well together. I want to have a career where I can work well with people like these guys."

3. Remnant by @shalom

"There is so much in this track that makes it unique. The chord progression and melody complement each other in ways that I can't describe. The percussion is laid back and simple, yet has a drive to it that makes you want to keep listening."

4. Distorted Memories by @RDz

"From a longtime Audiotool friend of mine. This track demonstrates part of how far along he's come and how talented he is. The sound design is diverse as well as each part of the track being important."

5. Synthesizer Symphony 1st Mov. by @Frigolito

"A track I discovered when I first joined Audiotool. It reflects a little bit of me in it since I have a classical background as well as having electronic influences."

6. Lonesome by @Someone

"The reason why this track inspires me so much is that the source of every sound comes from one 303, which makes me believe that anything is possible when it comes to producing music. Not only does every sound come from one 303 but the balance sounds incredible. It feels like I'm listening to a story when listening it. I couldn't imagine the amount of time and effort put into this."

7. Live by @CGMan

"An amazing track from a favorite Audiotool artist of mine. Neurofunk is one of my favorite genres because of CGMan exposing me to it. This is a great example of Audiotool's potential in Neurofunk."

8. Panopticon by @Envisage

"One of the tracks that caused me to develop my love for Drum and Bass. It reflects a lot about the DnB scene in Seattle, Washington."

9. Black by @TEQTONIQ

"A simple, yet complex track. This track reminds me that less is more in a lot of cases of music."

10. [Title] by @Limauru

"From a good friend of mine who inspires me to keep producing music and to do my best to become a better producer. I get reminded of all of the friends I've made through Audiotool each time I listen to this track."

Artist Recommendation: @Crazy about You

"Crazy about you has a style unlike most Audiotoolers. He can find ways to rework music clips and add them into his own way of music as well as composing music together well. There is no clear way to define his music besides saying it is thoughtful."

11. I Want You by @Crazy about You

Favorite track of his own:

"I made this track during one of the happiest times of my life. I felt so free when creating this track. I still feel free every time I listen to it."

12. Liquid Emotion by @almate

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    :DD yesss

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    liquid island


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    Almate is one of the nicest people on AT and this is the best a-records album ever put together to me.

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    Congrats, you are a great artist!

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    Seriously though, congrats and thanks for the inclusion :)

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    ...so you're not a cat?


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    Thank you so much guys! You mean a lot to me and I appreciate all of your guy's support. It means the world to me.

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    Well deserved though! Remember you being there for the three years i've been on AT XD

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    You're NOT a cat? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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    Tim Derry

    Congrats ! You're a great artist !

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    Audiotool Hits

    Seeing this brought a smile to my face. :)

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    I'd flip to see one of my songs in one of these albums

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    why am i still seeing a cat

    (please no pussy jokes lmfao)

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    Huge Congrats to you man!!!! You've gone really really far since i can remember. Also means alot for those tracks man! Thank you!

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    Extremely well deserved. It's about time you get noticed.