Imagine a machine.


Imagine that this machine is the source of everything.


Imagine that there would not be anything without this machine.


Imagine that this machine is in charge of everything.


Imagine that there was only this machine.


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  • frigolito please just confess you're the guy behind this track already

  • I still am just amazed at this. Let's just ignore the technical aspect. If you remove that aspect entirely, you still are left with some of the best composition to even exist. Not just on Audiotool, but in the entire industry. It is perfectly tense, perfectly calm, perfectly interesting, perfectly full, perfectly long, etc. The sounds are beautiful in their mourning, beautiful in their sorrow, beautiful in their loneliness. I will love this song until the day I die.

  • Genuinely such a good track… Technical aspects aside…. So much soul here

    I can just melt away to this

  • what the actual fuck


    HOW is this a single 303

    I am in disbelief

  • Bro actually just how.

    The level of figuring how stuff worked out with delays and crap is LITERAL ROCKET SCIENCE

  • Genius


    • The sounds are coming from the delays.. If you slap enough of them on a sound, at the right bpm, you can make the delayed automation and note tracks come in 1 or so minutes later, as the main lead is still playing. It's really wacky, and I'm not quite sure how it works to the full extent. It's really cool though. You should study the draft, and maybe you'll figure it out for yourself xd

    • I know right same thing to me so I came here to check if I was wrong


  • i wish i knew who was behind this acc :/

  • hey guys, I am new here. would love to use this gem on one of my video projects. do you know how I can contact the creator?

    • pretty sure this guy is long gone by now, dunno if you can contact them anymore

    • Just ask him in the "wall" of his profile, he would maybe answer you ?


  • Minecraft...

  • wat in the fc!?

  • uh ok watever'

  • how is this even possible to do with one machine

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  • this is a song i never want to forget