Cover of album Anjel by Anjel
  • 3 days ago
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  • jazz
  • hip-hop
  • r&b
  • nostalgic
  • future.bass

I'd hate to drown but that's the only time I'm able to breathe

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    808Leelo 1 day ago

    idk i like gone tbh it sounds like something naswalt would make and im a big fan of him thats prob my fav for sure its got a trap feel to it to <3 good job man

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    Fluent 1 day ago


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    ĐɍɇꜻṃⱲɇꜻⱴɇɍ 2 days ago

    not sure which is my favorite

    probably beatific because it sounds like your old stuff which I am so very fond of

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    low ego 3 days ago

    Love this album, such a calm beautiful vibe in each beat

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    Anjel 3 days ago

    If you somehow found... listened... and enjoyed... comment which one is your favorite track.