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if you hate on, trick, or hurt someone everyday that proves how much of an ignorant person you are so go die in a hole. jk but seriously try to spread positivity with eachother! did your parents not teach you respect? because i can see where you got that from if they didn't
also if you're someone who has created multiple accounts and you pretend to be someone else and start drama with those two (or more) accounts and involve other people in it (that do not deserve it.. and well no one deserves it so yeah. just stop), unfollow me right now because im not cool with that and i will not stand by someone like that. i will mute and most likely block you and will report you because this is a music making/listening site. we are a community but it's falling apart because of people like you. and stop trying to date people on this site. it's not going to work out so just stop. it's quite annoying. and sorry to break it to ya dumbasses but saying that you smoke weed/do drugs doesn't make you cool in any way, shape, or form. in fact, drugs can easily damage you both physically and mentally so good luck with that sad life.
✨wishing you sunny days and starry nights ✨ :]

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