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Over in another thread, I proposed the creation of a large collaborative beat tape. That idea was perceived pretty damn well. Now, we're going to begin.

Here's the important info:

- The idea is one big (or small, depending on how many people get involved) hip hop beat tape, produced by various members of the community. We're going for an old-school/lofi/bump style, not trap (with the exception of the rare but delicious lofi trap style, such as a lot of music by Yang.)

- The project is completely open. Any member of the community can participate.

- Whether or not a track gets into the tape will be determined by its reception, from both other users involved in the project and the community as a whole. If the reactions to your track are positive, your track's probably getting in. We will most likely have some kind of vote for what tracks get in, somewhere down the line.

- The project should focus on newly made tracks. A few old but gold beats may be allowed.

- Pretty much everything else is to be discussed and decided here, in this thread. That includes these guidelines, if people don't agree with them. The creation and management of this thread is the most "leader" thing I plan on doing.

With that said, here are some suggestions:


- Talk and discuss with other people in this thread. As long as it somewhat relates to the project, go ham!

- Post the beats that you make for the project here, of course. If they aren't posted here, we likely won't see them.

- Listen to the tracks that are posted here! This is one of the most important parts of making this project work. Listen and respond to as many posted tracks as you can.

- Have fun with it!

I think that covers just about everything I wanted to say. I'll be linking this thread to people who either show interest in the project, or seem like they would. Let's get working guys!

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