Meet ArtistConnect

Hey Everyone,

Want your sound to get heard by billboard artists?

Meet Artist Connect, a platform where you can share your loops with Billboard producers and collaborate with top music creators worldwide!

ArtistConnect Website: https://artistconnect.de

Here’s how it works: Billboard producers on the hunt post "opportunities" on the ArtistConnect site, essentially requests for what they need in their production. As a loop supplier, you can upload your loops or one-shot samples directly to the site and offer them to these producers. This has already sparked some fascinating collaborations! Plus, you can independently offer your loops and samples as sets, attracting even more producer interest.

The deal is straightforward and fair: users retain 100% of their earnings from song placements and beat sales for their compositions.

In the near future, we’d like to make this connection directly accessible from our website, allowing Audiotool users to upload their loops straight from Audiotool. But first, we want to test it out together with you.

Please let us know if services like these offered by ArtistConnect are interesting for you: https://forms.gle/4BwJNNaEf353YbDi7

Have fun!

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Cooking with naswalt III | The Foundation to Music

Welcome to another exciting tutorial! In this episode, naswalt takes you through the process of building a solid track foundation using the Audiotool Studio. You'll learn step-by-step how to craft an inspiring bassline that adds depth and energy to your track. Additionally, naswalt will guide you in creating a groovy drum beat, essential for providing the rhythm and drive that will serve as the backbone for your main melody.

Enjoy the episode and gain some unique insights. Don't forget to check out the other episodes for more audio culinary adventures and mystic alchemy!

Find them here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuZhzj4PboMkL07sYEl6qrGwxamAuA24t

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NEW EPISODE: Cooking with naswalt II | Delay is Cheating

Audiotool Sound Kitchen | Cooking with naswalt II |

In the second episode of Cooking with naswalt, our Audiotool cuisine chef tackles our delays and shows us how he enhances his tracks with them, making them sound fuller.

Whether this constitutes cheating, as he provocatively suggests, we'll leave that up for debate. We wish you great entertainment with this episode and some interesting insights.

If you want to check out the other episodes with Cal Lycus and naswalt , you can find them here: https://youtu.be/iB57cD2U4yU

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Sound Crafting with Cal Lycus | Episode 3.1 | Levelling a rough Mix

Welcome to Audio Alchemy Episode III part 1 | Levelling a rough mix with Pink Noise

After Cal Lycus dedicated the last episode to mastering a track with Audiotool, there were requests to also cover something about mixing. We've followed this request and are starting a multi-part episode about the art of mixing with Audiotool.

In the first part, Cal discusses leveling using pink noise. Never heard of this method before? Well, honestly, neither have I. But that doesn't make it any less interesting. So watch and be amazed.

Big thanks to hurakan for allowing Cal to use his track  multitude .

Enjoy the ride and stay tuned for more tutorials to come.


All User Tutorials in one playlist: https://youtu.be/_4fht2AWAWU?si=bR3VXQT769_oH6Tq

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Join the Audio Engine Open Beta!

We have an update for you, however we need your help with it.

We are inviting you to join the open beta. Help us refine the core component of the upcoming Studio version: the Audio Engine.

Already using the Booster? Do you know your tracks well and have a good ear for subtle differences in sound? Do you want to play MIDI instruments with low-latency?

You are the perfect candidate to join the open beta and share your feedback.

Join the Open Beta -> (Sign Up closed for now)

Note: There will be future chances to join the next phases of the open beta.


What’s in it for you?

Experiment with the first key piece of the upcoming Studio and share your feedback to shape the future of Audiotool.

What is the Audio Engine?

The Audio Engine is the core of the production Studio and handles all audio processing. Basically, it transforms what you see in your desktop and timeline into what you hear during playback. By default, the Audio Engine runs in the browser. The Booster application – well – gives you a performance … boost.

What do you need?

  • You must be able to download and install a new Booster application to use the new Audio Engine in the current Studio.
  • Access to a MIDI device (like a piano or controller) to test the input latency.
  • Your email address for us to contact you.

What do we need help with?

  • Identify differences in sound comparing the current and new version
  • Play instruments with MIDI input (or the virtual keyboard) and share feedback on latency
  • Test performance using your projects


A message to you

Audiotool was born out of the belief that everyone should be able to create music collaboratively and independently, regardless of their financial means. This will not change.

We‘ll become an open platform supporting third-party plugins and are trying our best to be as compatible as possible with other DAWs to allow producers moving between ecosystems. With that step we‘ll also introduce options to buy or subscribe to content, services or special features, but today’s features and more will always be free.

Understanding Our Technical Evolution

Our journey has been fueled by passion and innovation. Since our restart in September 2022, we've been hard at work. We’ve raised a Pre-Seed financing round that enabled us to hire a very talented team and have since been in the process of taking Audiotool to the next level.

Our tech is getting a restart too. The current platform, though mostly functional, is built on older, increasingly deprecated technologies that make any seemingly simple change difficult. This first beta is one piece of the puzzle in launching a new version with the features you love but with better performance, easier use, lower latency, and most importantly a foundation on which to release regular updates.


We hope this update addresses some of your concerns and underlines our commitment to continuously improving Audiotool. The discussions in the community around recent events haven’t escaped our attention. We will address these in a future statement. We are excited to let you take a sneak peak at some of the new things to come. It's an honor to have you as a part of this journey, because your feedback is crucial for this next big step!

The Audiotool Team

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New Tutorial | Cooking with naswalt| Episode 1 | Finding Inspiration

Hello everybody.

We're thrilled to announce an exciting update to our Audiotool Tutorial Series on YouTube!

Please join us in welcoming naswalt to our tutorial team! With a focus on composition and exploring more playful aspects of music production, naswalt is set to bring a fresh and creative perspective to our series.

A few words about naswalt:

With twelve years at Audiotool under his belt, naswalt has become a highly respected and well-known member of the community. His work, whether as the unique and daring Tom Audiotool, the host of the Producer Playoffs, the creator of fantastic tutorial videos, or as the talented multi-instrumentalist he is, consistently stands out and never fails to impress.

Enjoy the videos, and don't forget to like and subscribe for more!

User Tutorial Playlist https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuZhzj4PboMkL07sYEl6qrGwxamAuA24t&si=VzD7t2L7XCvmPnY5

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Worst Track Scenario II | Winners

Exciting news, everyone! With mixed emotions and a touch of pride, we're thrilled to reveal the winners of the Worst Track Scenario 2. You've outdone yourselves again, proving there's real talent in crafting the delightfully dreadful. It's a unique skill, and not everyone has the knack for it!

🏆 1st Place: A roaring applause for Mircode for his stunningly awful track Living in Tsrow (worst case scenario)

🥈 2nd Place: Caught by po9t with his embarrassing submission the worst song ever made in history - looks like that tattoo will have to wait a bit longer!

🥉 3rd Place: double cup my grimace shake (feat. playboi carti) (prod. lil stump) Claimed by the incredible lil stump

A massive congratulations to our champions! Your creativity knows no bounds. We invite our top three to reach out to us at team@audiotool - an exclusive recognition awaits you. Let's celebrate this extraordinary achievement together!

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UPDATE: Worst Track Scenario | Start Voting Phase

Two eventful weeks filled with second-hand embarrassment and uneasy anticipation have finally drawn to a close, paving the way for the next exciting phase: The Elections.

Now, it's your turn to make a difference:

You have the opportunity to cast your vote on the contest page until April 19th, 10:00 AM CET: https://www.audiotool.com/contest/worst_track_scenario_ii

Initially, the voting process will be anonymous, without revealing the rankings of each artist. However, from April 18th, 10 AM CET until the close of voting, the rankings will become visible to you.

We encourage you to take your time to thoroughly listen to each entry. Resist the urge to simply vote for your favorite artist without considering the others. With an array of uniquely terrible tracks, each one merits your attention and vote. Each track can be rated from 1-3 stars, and yes, this includes your own submission.

We eagerly await the results and look forward to celebrating the outcome with you.

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New Contest | Worst Track Scenario II

Enter the Bad Zone

We're diving back into the Worst Track Scenario for its epic second round.

This is your call to create the most jaw-droppingly terrible track the world has ever had the misfortune to hear... or even worse, if you can imagine that.

But hold on – we're not asking for just any 10 minutes of thrown-together noise. We want you to craft a masterpiece of disaster: think bizarre soundscapes, cringeworthy lyrics, awkward buildups – all the wonderfully terrible things the music world never knew it needed.

Excite us with your creativity in ways we never thought possible. Let's make this round unforgettably bad.

Contest ends 15. April 04:00 pm CET

Submit your tracks here:


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Sound Crafting with Cal Lycus | Episode 2 | Mastering a track with Audiotool

Hello everybody

We proceed with another episode of Audio Alchemy featuring Cal Lycus

As you might know Cal is eager to master your tracks by request, using Audiotool. In this episode, he provides a behind-the-scenes look at his mastering process.

He shows us some basic mastering techniques that can be utilised in Audiotool to add that final polish to your tracks.

Thanks to Taiko for allowing us to use his track: lovestory

And of course thanks to Cal Lycus

Stay tuned for more episodes!

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po9t Remix Competition | Winners

po9t announces the winners of the "I wrote this for my dog" Remix Contest

po9t provided you with nine full-length stems from his heart wrenching ballad "I wrote this for my dog" encouraging you to create a cool remix. And once again, you created some outstanding remixes.

In recent days, po9t has spent hours listening to nearly 50 remixes, thoroughly studied them, and ultimately settled on one. He also took the time for the follow-ups in his announcement video. Here are the top 3 places.

The winner of the po9t Remix Contest is… rai. with his fantastic take friend (po9t rmx comp) will appear on po9t's upcoming album.

Taking second place is kiari with the magnificent po9t - I wrote this for my dog (kiari remix) .

And in third place, we have 1trillionMPH with dog (1tr) .

We congratulate the winner rai. and all those who made it onto the list, as well as everyone else who participated. The quality was outstanding, once again.

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New Tutorial | Sound Crafting with Cal Lycus | Synthesizing a Kick Drum

With our new tutorial series on Youtube, we explore sound design using Audiotool.

In the first episode our alchemist Cal Lycus shows how to create a kick drum with synths and effects, explaining envelopes and their use. Cal Lycus is a long time Audiotool user and Sound Designer from South Wales with credits in audio roles for award-winning short films and as a sound designer for game developers. When not on audio projects, he develops DSP tools or gives technical instruction at university.

We thank Cal for joining this project. Stay tuned for more episodes!

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CLOSED: Remix a song for the coming po9t album

po9t is calling upon you to remix his track I wrote this for my dog

He's shared 9 stems for you to play around with and create something truly amazing. The best remix will be featured on his upcoming album across all platforms.

po9t is definitely one of the top dogs on Audiotool these days, and with more than 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify surely one of the most successful. For his upcoming album, it is also expected that a new record will be broken, and you could be a part of it.

To participate, open the draft po9t - I wrote this for my dog | Remix Competition create your remix, and submit it on the contest page https://www.audiotool.com/contest/remix_po9t_s_i_wrote_this_for_my_dog

The deadline for this is March 18, 2024, 4:00 PM CET

The winning track will be mastered and featured on po9t’s forthcoming album.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/31enKimZVIjA10b0HYQxHX?si=SfROOXbmQ2GFMucwBxfylg

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/po9t.wav/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@po9t

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Inspectre "Aliens" | Remix Contest | Winners

Inspectre announces the winners of the "Aliens" Remix Contest

Last week, our first remix contest since the lifting of the sample length restriction came to an end. We teamed up with the Berlin-based band Inspectre, who provided us with the stems of their track "Aliens". And you took advantage of this opportunity.

Nearly 50 awesome submissions made it difficult for the Inspectre guys to make a decision. As a result, instead of one, they chose two tracks that made it onto their upcoming EP. And they are: Inspectre - Aliens [Jays Mix Chapter #01] #short by JayFK and Inspectre - Aliens (Mr. Outside Remix) by Mr. Outside Congratulations from our side.

All that's left is for us to thank Inspectre for taking the time to listen to and evaluate all the remixes. We wish you all the best for your future career.

And of course, our heartfelt thanks to all of you for once again raising the bar for the delivered quality. You are a blast.

Stay tuned. We're already working on the stems for the next contest.

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Important Update: Producer Playoffs Round Two

The Playoffs on TWITCH:

https://www.twitch.tv/producerplayoffs Today 4pm ET

Get ready for the second round of the Producer Playoffs.

In February one of the world's biggest esports events – IEM Katowice 2024 – is happening. We are celebrating the games of this event in our upcoming series of Producer Playoffs.

In this unique music competition, you and your teammate will be challenged to reimagine the iconic soundscapes of Counterstrike 2, DOTA 2, and Valorant. Bring your own style to these gaming anthems, catering to your team's preference.

The live final will be judged by renowned music producer WLPWR from Atlanta, who is known for his collaborations with Eminem and other heavyweights in the industry.

Save the Date: The Producer Playoffs will take place on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of February at 4 pm ET

The winner will be crowned by WLPWR himself.

So, what do you need to do to participate?

  • Find the right partner for this endeavor
  • Register your team by email at team@audiotool.com by 12.02 at 1:00 PM CET
  • The Producer Playoffs will take place on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of February at 4 pm ET
  • If you are not yet registered on the Audiotool Discord server, please do so

server https://discord.gg/hq3DKwM

Stay stuned for more details to come

WLPWR online: https://www.bndwth.net

How to enter

Producer Playoffs Impressions

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ATD23 - Top 8

A word from the Audiotool Day team:

Another great year! Thank you to everyone that entered. Once again all of you made it super difficult to decide the winners, with so many amazing tracks to choose from. After much deliberation, we are pleased to announce the results of this year's contest.

1st Place

the red moon's egg by we die and Withdecay, winning $300 Audeze Maxwell Headphones, one year of LANDR Studio, and Audiotool Merch!

2nd Place

DREAMHACK 2 [ATD2023] by Rai, winning Audiotool Merchandise

3rd Place

Untitled (ATD23) by Goon, winning Audiotool Merchandise

4th Place

INFJ by 333-i9

5th Place

from the same cloth by Kepz

6th Place

Calling [ATD23 + Dreamhack] by Jetdarc

7th Place

csx (ATDAY23) by Kurp

8th Place

The Bell Tolls To Remind Us (ATD23) by Kiari

Honorable Mentions to:

resting phase- [atd 23] quiet on the set (Audiotool Day 23) sUGAR hEAD (ATDAY23)

Winners, please contact team @audiotool .com with your shipping info to claim your prizes

Audiotool Day is a community run contest, supported by Audiotool

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CLOSED: Remix a song for an EP

The Berlin-based alternative rock band Inspectre is calling all Audiotool producers to remix their song Aliens.

They have shared the full-length stems of their recently released track. And we challenge you to create something amazing using these stems. The genre doesn't matter, as long as it's cool. The best track - selected by the band - will be published as part of their EP!

Inspectre is composed of Chris (vocals), Shaun (guitar), Harsha (bass), and Pascal (drums). In 2022, they released their first studio recordings on Spotify.

Their single Aliens gained popularity in 2023, receiving raving reviews and building a growing fanbase. Currently, the band is working hard in the studio, preparing new tunes and getting ready for upcoming live shows next year.

The band is excited to see what creative minds can come up with using their stems.

To participate in the contest, all you have to do is click on "remix" on the contest track Inspectre - Aliens | Remix Competition and submit it on the contest page: https://www.audiotool.com/contest/remix_a_song_for_an_ep

The winning track will be mastered and featured on Inspectre's upcoming EP.

Deadline is January 31, 2024

Inspectre Links:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6cdjPBSxJunrzFwxiPJ6xd?si=dFnmINa4T8mj72Ie0YAB8g

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inspectre_band?igsh=MTE5a3huNW5vcjZ0OQ==

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPao6FuIIFxXePzWWgvsjjw

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Dreamhack Anthem Contest | Winning Track

rai. wins the Dreamhack Anthem Contest!

Out of 275 amazing submissions, the DreamHack jury has chosen the track DREAMHACK 2 [ATD2023] by rai. as the official anthem for DreamHack ATL last weekend!!!

Congratulations on winning prizes worth over $1,000 USD including Audeze headphones, a Microfreak by Arturia and a LANDR Pro subscription.

Thank you to everyone who submitted tracks! The results were truly impressive.

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Dreamhack | Producer Playoffs

Ready for prime time? Calling all Audiotool users from anywhere on the globe to participate in our Producer Playoffs this upcoming weekend!

Twitch just confirmed that they’ll promote our live challenge stream Sat 4 pm on their start page,-)

Naswalt and WLPWR (producer of Eminem, Wiz Khalifa…), will host this show together out of the famous studio in Atlanta: BNDWTH https://www.bndwth.net

We hope that we have a few teams participating from across the globe (next to the users on location, who can participate from the booth at Dreamhack or - if we are running into network issues- also out of BNDWTH, which is 15 minutes away from the show).

If you want to participate, please get into the Audiotool Community Discord Server and be there in the Dreamhack channel Friday at 4 pm ET. On Saturday, you would need to be ready and logged into the Discord channel at 3:30pm ET. Post a comment if you need support

Discord Channel: https://discord.com/channels/317447437650231296/1181673546250977392

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Beat For Vocals Challenge | Cologne | Winner

Alright, let's move on to the winner of the Beat for Vocals Challenge! 🏆

We had the super-talented musician Shelly Quest, based in Cologne, call for all the beat submissions for her rap performance at our party on November 25th.

She carefully listened to all the entries and chose her absolute favorite:


And let us tell you, she OWNED that beat and delivered an amazing performance! 🎤💥

Big thanks to Shelly Quest for the awesome performance. and being a part of this amazing evening.

Stay tuned for more stories and pictures from this fantastic day in Cologne! 📸✨

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Exciting Announcement: Live Collab Contest at Dreamhack Atlanta!

🔥 Yo! Clear Your Calendars! 🔥

Get ready for a crazy experience! From December 15th to 17th, we're bringing the heat to Dreamhack Atlanta with some epic live action!

Who: everyone is welcome to join! all you need is a partner

Where: The Audiotool Discord Server https://discord.gg/8v3HzTfW

⏰ Mark the Time:

Every day at 4pm EST the challenge timer will begin. You will have a specified allotted time to make the dopest track possible with the craziest tasks.

🎶 The Agenda:

Dec 15 - We are going to spin “The wheel of Genres” to create the wackiest genres known to man. And your job is to create a banger in 30 mins with elements of that genre!

Dec 16 - You will have access to an exclusive sample pack created by none other than po9t himself. It shouldn't be hard to make a killer track with those sounds, but only the best will move on to the next round!

Dec 17 - The semi-finals and finals round. The one-of-a-kind live production showdown will feature never-before-heard acapellas from special guest stars.


The winning partnership will each get a pair of $300 Audeze Headphones! All teams that participate will get AT merch.


You guys are the judges! For the first and second rounds (15th and 16th) we will have a polling system after the challenge ends to determine who gets to move on and who will be eliminated. A total of 8 teams will survive the first round, and only 4 can move on to the final round! For the semi-finals and finals, we will have a live jury to determine the grand winner!

✅How to prepare:

Anyone can participate! If you are interested in participating, pair up with a partner that is also available for all those days to collaborate and make some music. Comment down below who your partner is! More detailed instructions will follow in the coming days!

🌟 Join Us at Dreamhack Atlanta:

Be part of the action and witness the magic live. We would love for you to come to Atlanta and meet us in person: https://dreamhack.com/atlanta/ But if that’s not a possibility, tune in to our official Twitch stream so you don’t miss out on all the fun! https://www.twitch.tv/producerplayoffs

Get Ready for an Unforgettable Experience!

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Update: You can now record your sets in Mix

Good news for the users of our DJ tool Mix!

We've added the ability to record mixes! You can now record your sets and share them on platforms such as Mixcloud or Soundcloud.

A major part of this feature is protecting our creator's music, specifically the tracks that do no have downloads allowed. This means that while you can play all of audiotool's tracks in your mixes, but 'non-downloadable' tracks will not be available during recording.

To break it down:

  • When preparing to record a set, make sure the tracks you want to use are marked with a check mark in the Trackslist section.
  • During recording, attempting to play a 'non-downloadable' track will simply bring up a reminder on the player to say it can't be played. Just load another track to continue. Recording will not be interrupted.
  • If you want to find your music in recorded DJ mixes, set the tracks to Downloadable. ;)
  • Lastly for DJs convenience, a full tracklist will be shown after recording is finished, make sure to give the artists credit!

We also opened a new topic for sharing mixes:

We wish you lots of fun with the new feature!

Haven't MIXed yet? https://mix.audiotool.com/

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Closed: Dreamhack Anthem Contest

Hello Everyone

Incase you missed the memo, we have an amazing opportunity for everyone that is live! Audiotool is collaborating with Dreamhack to give you all a chance to expose your talent to millions of people world wide!

Here is the contest page to submit your tracks! https://www.audiotool.com/contest/audiotool_x_dreamhack_atlanta_anthem_challenge

Dreamhack has an amazing reach that you can have access to through the Anthem Contest. If your track is selected as the winner, it will become the theme of the event and it will be played throughout Dreamhack Atlanta!

Additionally, there are some amazing prizes awaiting the winning track!

1. Landr Studio Pro for 1 year ($300 USD) Get the only music production suite that gives you everything you need to compose, produce, polish and release your music, all in one place. This subscription includes, Unlimited mastering, Unlimited distribution, 2 million royalty-free samples, Ableton Live Lite, Plugins & instruments, Collaboration tools, Premium courses, and a lot more! Check out this page for more info: https://www.landr.com/pricing/

2. Arturia MicroFreak Hybrid Synthesizer ($349 USD) Arturia’s MicroFreak synth is a hybrid hardware synth with wavetable and digital oscillators, analog filters, a modulation matrix, an unconventional but highly expressive touch plate — and tons of sonic possibilities. MicroFreak’s powerful digital oscillator features a palette of unique modes such as Texturer, KarplusStrong, Harmonic OSC, and Superwave.

3. Audeze Maxwell Wireless Gaming Headset ($299 USD) Sound quality, wireless performance, and battery life are all pushed to new extremes, along with the latest spatial audio features and multi-platform compatibility. Read more about it here: https://www.audeze.com/products/maxwell-wireless-gaming-headset

The winning track gets it all!

Here is the best part: There is no limit to how many tracks you can submit! Send your best work no matter how long ago you published it. As long as it fits the criteria, everything is accepted!

We are excited to see your submissions!

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Update: Audiotool Event Atlanta

Audiotool x Dreamhack Atlanta

Hello everyone! We are excited to announce our next community event. We will be partnering with ESL and Dreamhack to put on a show of what Audiotool can do! Come see us Dec 15th - 17th at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA

Make plans now:

- Dec 15th community meet up: Come on down to Atlanta and take some time to catch up with some AT staff and long time users including po9t , etterath , naswalt , rai. , and owtlet !

- Dec 16th live AT set and panel

- Dec 17th production contest and live community judging

What is Dreamhack?

Dreamhack creates an arena where you can come to connect, explore, win, play a part, and be yourself through a gaming lifestyle experience. Their range of content includes everything from arts, screenings, the latest games, and YOUR MUSIC. Check out some footage from last year’s event here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2jb-Wb2dvc and find the event page here: https://dreamhack.com/atlanta/

Dreamhack is looking for a theme song to open for future events and we know Audiotool users have what it takes to create something awesome. They’re looking for something exciting, catchy and high energy!

We are hosting an Anthem Contest to use as the song of the event!

Dreamhack Anthem Contest: https://www.audiotool.com/contest/audiotool_x_dreamhack_atlanta_anthem_challenge

We will reveal the winner of the contest on Dec 14th and then proceed to do a demo of what AT is all about for the live audience.

The winner of the the Anthem Contest will also win around $1000 worth of exciting prizes and exposure to Dreamhack's enormous reach! More information is available on the contest page.

Dreamhack Contest Rules:

The contest dates are from Nov 13th - Dec 7th

You can create a new track or submit an older one that you think would fit the vibe

You can submit multiple tracks and collabs

Make sure your tracks are remixable and downloadable

Zero copyrighted material! We want to hear your unique sound


Select moments of the weekend will be streamed on Twitch for anyone that can’t make it so that you can still be a part of the fun!

Let's go crazy!

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  • lavalamp

Summer Games | Winner | User Voting

After asking for your favorite Summer Games artist and tallying the votes, it's evident that the jury's decisions aligned closely with your opinions. As mentioned yesterday, the winner of the user voting secured second place in the overall jury voting.

Now, by your choice, Lavalamp has been crowned as the Games' best artist. We're thrilled to announce that Lavalamp , along with Amp7070 , brain-walker , and eratekk , will be showcasing their talents live in Cologne on November 25th. This event will also serve as an opportunity to present all the winners with their well-deserved prizes.

Congratulations to Lavalamp for an incredible finale!

(Naswalt: There is work coming your way ;) )

We have limited capacity available in Cologne. So, if you think about joining, better check in now: https://bit.ly/AudiotoolMeetup2511

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Audiotool Summer Games | Winners

Hurray, we are excited to present to you the three final winners of the first Audiotool Summer Games. These past ten weeks have been thrilling and intense, with results that once again showed us the talent within our community. Thank you very much for the numerous high-quality and original submissions. You are the best.

Let's start with 3rd place:

#3 Amp7070

He managed to leave his mark on every challenge he participated in. Rather than simply completing the task, he infused it with his unique touch, making it his own. Particularly noteworthy, from our perspective, is his winning track from the Empty Timeline Challenge. Not only did he solve the task with technical know-how, but he also delivered a mega cool track that leaves no doubt about his compositional talent.

#2 Lavalamp

It has always been clear that Lavalamp is a highly talented young user. But we have the impression that here, at the Summer Games, he was able to truly surpass himself. Each of his submissions is full of musicality and creativity without losing heart even in the face of abstract challenges.

#1 retro

For a few weeks now, it has become clear that someone here knows what they're doing. He delivered one banger after another and even managed to win one of the two extra challenges. We were already aware of his abilities, but here he really showed what he's capable of. Congratulations to all of you. We look forward to meeting you in person in Cologne on November 25th and officially presenting you with your prizes.

Thank you all very much <3

Check out the full ranking here: https://www.audiotool.com/summer-games''

Afterword by naswalt

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freesounds.org Challenge | Winners

Hi everyone,

The results of the latest challenge have arrived and are bringing some movement to the top spots... but only a little. More about it on Thursday.

Frigolito has called on you to create a track using a sample he randomly obtained from freesamples.org. And the jury has now decided who they believe has excelled the most. And as you can see, it was a very close call. So close that we have three second places and two third places. And here they are.

#1 Hyperbole by Lavalamp

#2 Kalama Musi by flamento

#2 Frigolito's Sample Challenge by retro²

#2 Gains by Amp7070

#3 freesounds.org Challenge (Moths With Headphones Entry) by Moths with Headphones

#3 digmat by titik

Congratulations to you all.

If we do not have your T-shirt sizes and addresses yet, please send them to team@audiotool.com

And don't forget to vote for you favorite Summer Games Artists: https://forms.gle/PpVxfNaa26Uia3xS9'''

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  • beatforvocals

Beat for Vocals Challenge | Cologne | Shelly Quest

As you probably already know, there will be a meetup and party in Cologne on November 25th. And once again, we have invited local rappers to perform at that event in addition to the exciting live acts from the Audiotool community.

But what would rappers be without beats? And this is where you come in.

This way: https://www.audiotool.com/contest/beat_for_vocals_challenge_cologne

So, put yourself in their shoes and inspire them with your tracks.

Deadline: November 06 | 2 pm UTC

The Beats don't have to be brand new. Feel free to dig into your collection or submit older tracks with a fresh twist. Remixes are also welcome, as long as the original track is yours. Let's impress the Cologne scene with your talent and give it everything you've got!

We have limited capacity available. So, if you think about joining, better check in now:


Shelly Quest: https://instagram.com/therealshellyquest?igshid=NzZlODBkYWE4Ng==

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Audiotool Summer Games | User Voting

10 weeks, 11 Challenges, 111 artists, 355 tracks... The Audiotool Summer Games 2023 in numbers.

We hope it was as exciting for you as it was for us.

In addition to the voting by our 11-member jury, we promised you a community voting, which we would like to present to you at this point.

To keep this voting as unbiased as possible, we actually included each of the 111 participants in this form and also included each of their submissions to refresh your memory.

This means it will require some effort from you, but it should be worth it.

You can vote for up to three artists. At the end, you still have the chance to express your thoughts, both about the artists you have chosen and about the Summer Games in general. We would be very happy to hear from you.

You have time to vote until Wednesday November 1, 4 p.m. CET.

Voting: this way → https://forms.gle/PpVxfNaa26Uia3xS9

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November 25: Meetup & Party in Cologne

Save the date for a Meetup on 25th November in Cologne!

After this amazing experience in Los Angeles, it quickly became clear that we want to do more of these types of events. As we have hinted at in a few places, we now want to invite our European Audiotool Crew to meet with us and celebrate 13 years of Audiotool music. As luck would have it, Dublab has a branch in Cologne alongside its headquarters in LA and is once again excited to join us for the whole event.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our studio in downtown Cologne with a program similar to the one in LA, featuring DJs, live acts, and even rappers. And you are not mistaken in your assumption: once again, we will need beats from you. So be ready.

Since the capacity of our studio is limited, we would need your advance registration. You can do that here: https://bit.ly/AudiotoolMeetup2511

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Sound Design Challenge | Winners


Here are the winners of the 9th and penultimate challenge of this year's Summer Games.

As it was a challenge with two parts, the winners are determined by the combined points from the two challenges.

Nevertheless, we don't want to withhold the winners of the individual tasks from you.

The winners of the Piano Challenge by po9t are:

#1 naswalt : Audiotool Summer Games Challenge 9a

#2 retro² : piano test 1 (9a)

#3 yito ☮ : Po9ts Grand Piano Challenge Entry

sila s Pulsar Delay Challenge emerged victorious:

#1 retro² : 9b

#2 Qua-Z : Metamorphasis [9b challenge]

#3 brain-walker and Wasa share the spot with their entries Challenge 9b - DubBeat on Pulsar Delay and 9B

Due to the point distribution in the two challenges, the final results are as follows:

#1 retro²

#2 brain-walker

#3 yito ☮


The total points will be updated on the leaderboard throughout the day: https://www.audiotool.com/summer-games

The results of the 10th and final challenge are currently being processed, and the winners will be announced next week.

Starting tomorrow, we will begin the survey to find your fan favorite, which will also be announced next week.

If all this is not enough for you, a new challenge awaits you starting next week. So, stay tuned!

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Naut's Record Sounds Challenge | Winners

The winners of the 8th round are in: naut called for recording sounds or instruments from your surroundings using an available microphone and building a track out of it. Not many took on this task this time, but the results are all the more convincing, as diverse as the approaches were.

1# For the third time in a row, the winner is retro² with his fully instrumented track Record Sounds Challenge

#2 Taking second place is Amp7070 with his swinging acoustic ballad Alonesome

#3 In third place, we have Olondro with leoparden A minimal track, distinguished by the sweet enthusiastic vocals of his daughter.

Congratulations on the victory, and we will transfer the total points directly to the leaderboard on the Summer Games Page.

Just for your information: since quite a few participants were placed twice, we had cool caps made, which we will send to the winners as an alternative to the T-shirt.

Stay updated on the Summer Games Page:


And don't forget to follow us on our new social accounts:



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CLOSED: Audiotool Summer Games | Round 10 | Frigolito

Dear community, participants and observers,

The Summer Games are now entering their final round. After enjoying some interesting sound experiments and grand pianos in Round 9, Frigolito now presents a final fun challenge.

For this, he went to freesound.org and randomly searched for a sample. He had to take the first one that met our requirements. You can watch the detailed video of this process here https://youtu.be/apLm9OG_w9M

Make a track using this sample and have a chance to win great prizes.

Challenger's Note: The audio file does not need to contribute as actual audio. For instance, it could be used as the sidechain input of any applicable effect e.g. the Compressor or the Auto Filter, affecting another audio signal indirectly. As long as the use of the audio file makes an audible difference to the end result (as opposed to silence), anything is allowed!

You can find this sample in this track freesounds.org Challenge by Frigolito . Just click on remix and get to work.

And then submit your track here https://www.audiotool.com/contest/weekly_challenge_10

Challenge Summary:

  • Create a track using the sample from feesounds.org 301024__modularsamples__oberhei
  • Everything else is up to you

Good Luck!

Stay updated on the Summer Games Page:


And don't forget to follow us on our new social accounts:



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Introducing our Jury: Doctor Martin Koszolko

We thank Doctor Martin Koszolko for joining us as a jury member on this exciting summer journey.

He is the organizer of the Collaborative Song Contest, which Icebox , SIREN and dcln won two years ago.

Winning song: Back To You - Icebox, SIREN & dcln

About him:

Australian-based music researcher and sound producer who contributed to over 50 releases on a number of labels. He is also the founder of the School of Music Collaboration and the creative director of the International Collaborative Music Contest, which promotes various approaches to participatory online music making.

Join the Games:

Connect >> News >> CLOSED: Audiotool Summer Games | Round 9 | po9t and sila

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Track for Award Show | Winner | retro²

We are delighted to announce the winner of the 7th round, which was about producing the music for the closing credits of the biggest LGBT award show, QueerX, held annually by the queer streaming provider Revry.

We are not only thrilled that they found a fantastic piece Chameleon (QueerX Awards Submission) by retro² , that fully meets their expectations, but they were also extremely impressed by the entire playlist we sent them.

Congratulations to retro² for your hattrick and all participants of this round. You guys rocked it.

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow to watch the QueerX awards. And stay tuned for the closing credits.

The Queer X Awards will air tomorrow, on October 11, 2023 and will be globally and exclusively streamed on Revry, available online and via services including iOS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Android TV, Roku, Samsung TV Plus, and TiVo https://watch.revry.tv/search/queerx

Thanks revry for the awesome collaboration <3

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  • po9t
  • sila
  • naut

CLOSED: Audiotool Summer Games | Round 9 | po9t and sila

Seems like naut really challenged you with his Sample Sound task. Respect to those who dared to take it on. There are again pieces included that we will now proudly present to our renowned jury.

Thank you very much for the challenge, naut .

And now for something completely different

Challenge 9: Sound Design

Before we present you with the final challenge next week, which will also determine the final winner of the Summer Games, you have another chance this week to not only win prizes, but also earn points for that final victory.

This time, the challenge consists of two parts. Earn points in both to increase your chances of winning the prize.

This way ↠ https://www.audiotool.com/contest/weekly_challenge_9

Challenge 9 a was thought up by po9t for you:

Recreate the sound of a grand piano using all the devices at your disposal, except samples.

Challenge 1 Summary:

  • Recreate the sound of a grand piano
  • Use all synths and effects
  • No samples, no Presets
  • Name the challenge in the title

Challenge 9b comes to you from our experimental icon, Sila.

sila challenges you to create the most extraordinary sounds with a beat - in the form of a drum loop - and the Pulsar Delay.

Challenge 2 Summary:

  • Create crazy sounds with a beat and the Pulsar delay (The amount of pulsar delays is up to you.)
  • Recording automations wanted
  • No additional synths or drum machines allowed
  • No additional samples, effects and presets allowed

You have until October 16th to submit you entries

Good luck.

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Jordi's Time Signature Challenge | Winners

So, this week’s challenge was quite interesting because everything turned out a bit different than usual. The first and second places were not surprising but here's where it gets intriguing - we had not one, not two, but a whopping four third places! And although it's not directly related to this award ceremony, I find it fascinating to mention that we also had three fourth places. Quite an eventful week, wouldn't you say?

Thanks Jordi Moragues for this cool challenge!

Let's start with the winners:

Chosen as the first place by our jury:

#1 retro² with his extraordinary contribution Time Signature Challenge 7/8 | 15/16

Prize: 1 Sennheiser headphones HD 280 PRO and 1 limited Edition Audiotool T-Shirt

#2 naswalt also convinced completely and secured second place with his track 9/4

And now we have our four bronze medals:

#3 Sparkles by Lavalamp

#3 7/8 Experience by brain-walker

#3 17_4_boombap by Blooome


#3 Mortal Wounds (15/4, 29/8) by kiari

Each of you will receive one limited Edition Audiotool T-Shirt

This brings some movement back to the leaderboard, which you can find here. https://www.audiotool.com/summer-games

Stay tuned, there are only three challenges left until the final tally. You will find out the grand prize very soon!

kiari and Blooome please send us your t-shirt sizes and shipping addresses to team@audiotool.com

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CLOSED: Audiotool Summer Games | Round 8 | Naut

After our excursion into showbiz - thanks to revry - we now return to the roots of our Summer Games: the User Challenges.

Contest Page, this way: https://www.audiotool.com/contest/weekly_challenge_8

This time naut challenges you to record the sounds for your track yourself, using the recording device at your disposal. These can be sounds you create on unusual objects, inside or outside the house. But you can also record musical instruments that you have lying around. The main thing is that it is a recording made with this device and not played directly into the computer.

Challenge Summary:

  • Create a track with self recorded samples
  • No Audiotool synths and drum computers allowed
  • Record sounds or instruments with a recording device
  • No direct input to your computer like hardware synths or similar
  • Any sample processing must happen in Probe or the studio"
  • Name the samples correctly and upload them to the library
  • Other usual rules apply (see Contest Page)
  • Deadline: October 9

Stay updated on the Summer Games Page:


And don't forget to follow us on our new social accounts:



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Audiotool DJ Tool MIX is out [New: Manual Page]


Boom. Today we’re launching Mix, our browser-based DJ tool, which empowers all users to mix any of the 3M+ tracks from the library of Audiotool content and create broadcast channels so others can tune in on your DJ set. Let’s get right to it.


As you know, Kepz has been part of our team since the beginning of the year. He applied with a pure, yet very raw prototype of a great idea.

A few months later, we are proud to present to you the first version of his passion project, which he managed to complete more or less on the side with the support of the team.

Discover the whole story including a demo of the app in his impressive presentation on Youtube: https://youtu.be/C6nJKcmqJCg

Main Features of Mix:

  • Mix Audiotool tracks with 2-4 decks
  • Browse the entire collection of Audiotool tracks and create tracklists
  • Enjoy basic features like EQ, pitch, jog-wheel, sync, and of course, a crossfader
  • Choose from three styles the theme that suits you best
  • You can connect your mix via MIDI to your controller
  • Go live and share your mix with friends and the community through your Audiotool Radio Channel

Here you can watch the tutorial video filmed by Kepz. A detailed manual will be published next week


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  • audiotool-jobs

We're hiring | Sr. Frontend Dev (Typescript) | Social Media Manager

We’re growing further and hiring again! Are you an experienced Typescript Developer and interested to support our team working on the Audiotool web app - the part where the music is created? Check out our Sr Frontend Dev (Typescript) position.


Have you successfully built TikTok and IG profiles, bring professional experience (2+ years) in the field and would like to work with us on Audiotool’s new profiles? Check out this position for our Social Media Manager. send us your resume and include some context on your relevant experience is (with links).


Does one of these positions speak to you? Put your application in today! jobs@audiotool.com

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CLOSED: Audiotool Summer Games | Round 7 | revry

Hey everyone,

We're starting off the week with an exciting new challenge. Audiotool has teamed up with Revry, the leading streaming platform that offers a wide range of queer films, TV shows, music, and much more. https://www.revry.tv/

Since 2016, Revry has been organizing the QueerX Awards, which annually celebrate and recognize the diverse talents and contributions of the LGBTQ+ community. https://www.queerx.com/

Approximately two million viewers worldwide will be tuning in to watch this award ceremony. Past presenters, awardees, and nominees included Jennifer Lopez, Joe Biden, Bowen Yang and Patton Oswalt to name a few.

As you can imagine, a show of this caliber also requires music. And this is where you come into play.

Submit your tracks here: https://www.audiotool.com/contest/weekly_challenge_7

Co-founder and CEO of Revry, Damian Pelliccione, challenges you to produce a track for the end credits, after the grand finale of the show.

In detail, this means:

  • Produce a track that is catchy and punchy, with a theatrical musical flair
  • Any genre is allowed, as long as it's groovy
  • Music that embodies a Broadway sound is encouraged
  • We want to see how you can revitalize the credit scroll music to make people smile
  • You are allowed to submit existing tracks of yours

Keep in mind, it's a celebration of queer artists everywhere. The music should transport that spirit.

Good Luck!

Stay updated on the Summer Games Page:


And don't forget to follow us on our new social accounts:



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  • mrstandfast

Introducing our Jury: Mr Standfast

Mr. Standfast has been enchanting his listeners since the beginning of Audiotool time - 13 years ago - with his analog-sounding synth pieces. Always beautiful, never uncomfortably cheesy.

He lives out in the mountains of Virginia with several synthesizers, and resurfaces every now and then with a melody in his head.

We are thrilled that he has agreed to support us as a jury member of the Summer Games.

Join the Games: Connect >> News >> CLOSED: Audiotool Summer Games | Round 6 | Jordi Moragues

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  • beatforvocals

Beat for Vocals | Winners | Party and Meetup Update

As part of our party in LA last Saturday, the three rappers/vocalists Elle E.D., DSTRK, and po9t selected tracks from you and performed them live in front of an audience consisting of Audiotoolers and invited guests from the music industry.

By now, you have probably already heard which three beats the musicians chose. po9t started off, not letting initial technical problems faze him, and delivered an enthralling performance that was groovy and emotional. We are proud of you, po9t

He chose the track beat by Snadbrugen

Next came DSTRK, who selected the track dont know a name so heres a nice cover art made by ai by Gofkuh and, being the professional he is, delivered a fully composed Rap ballad with R&B elements. Wow!

Immediately after, Dublab Djane and host Lady C introduced Elle E.D. -who was visibly delighted to be in Daniel's Studio above the Sunset Strip on her birthday .

Elle E.D. had prepared and recorded some vocal tracks prior and rapped over the track VVS by Prod. Quinn (FL Era) And it sounded great, as we think. Well done, Elle!

The Meetup and Audiotool Party at Daniel Rowland's Studio in West Hollywood was a huge success and we’ll for sure do more of these events. During the Meetup from 2 -5pm we chatted about our new and upcoming audio engine as well as features and UI concept of our upcoming Audiotool version.

At 5pm Kepz presented our new DJ application https://mix.audiotool.com/

We welcomed more than 100 guests and the house was full at peak time. Dublab DJs Akumen and Damar Davis started with playing two awesome sets of Audiotool music, showcasing the variety of genres within Audiotool. po9t , DSTRK and Elle E.D. rapped over their challenge track pick and Jackson Hale a.k.a. Astrum captivated us with his modular synth rig.

Tlim Shug a.k.a. VLTRA performed a COOL Audiotool DJ set and supported III Camille, who freestyled over other summer games beat submissions.

We’ll share photos and videos over the next days and probably weeks - It's a lot of content we have to go through ,-)

We have received expressions of respect from many sides for the quality of the music, which was exclusively from all of you that evening. It was amazing.

Currently, the Time Signature Challenge by Jordi Moragues is running. Don't forget to participate and earn points for the calculation of the overall winner. Join here: Connect >> News >> CLOSED: Audiotool Summer Games | Round 6 | Jordi Moragues

Save the Date: the next Meetup & Party will be in Cologne, Germany on 25 November 2023 . Mark your calendars. More infos soon. If you want to stay in the loop about the party, you can email events@audiotool.com

For those of you who missed it: https://www.youtube.com/live/17xhMhgG_iA?si=YdQlKBLGMr1WF9M6

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Recreate Sound Challenge | Winners

I don't need to mention it again, but I will anyway: Cal Lycus ' task was challenging and perhaps a bit technical for most of you, but the guys who participated delivered and earned valuable points for the overall ranking. Let's just take Amp7070 , for example, who doubled his score by winning for the second time in a row and now sits at 3rd place on the leaderboard.

Here is the entry that secured his victory:

#1 when theres no pitta bread left

And here again for comparison, Cal Lycus ' original sound:

Summer Challenge Sound Design

Prize: 1 Sennheiser headphones HD 280 PRO and 1 limited Edition Audiotool T-Shirt

retro² apparently wasn't convinced by his own entry, but the jury saw it differently and awarded him the points to land him in 2nd place. And with this, he secures his position on #2 of the leaderboard.

#2 Recreate Sound Challenge

Prize: 1 limited Edition Audiotool T-Shirt

In 3rd place, we have brain-walker , who reached the top 3 for the first time but managed to climb to 5th place in the overall rankings with the bronze medal in this challenge.

#3 Recreate Sound Challenge (brainwalker's edit)

Prize: 1 limited Edition Audiotool T-Shirt

Thanks Cal for setting up this challenge.

That's the halftime standings. There are still about four challenges ahead of us, so everything can still change for the overall victory.

First of all, we congratulate Amp7070, retro², and brain-walker on their wins. If you haven't already, please send us your t-shirt size and shipping address.

And don't forget to participate:

Connect >> News >> CLOSED: Audiotool Summer Games | Round 6 | Jordi Moragues

You can find the Leaderboard on the Summer Games Page:


Follow us on our new social accounts:



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CLOSED: Audiotool Summer Games | Round 6 | Jordi Moragues

Hey Audiotoolers,

Cal Lycus ' Recreate Sound Challenge was tough, but the results we had were really close. Props to all who participated.

Check out how Cal created this monster sound: Summer Challenge Sound Design

The winners will be announced tomorrow. The winners of the Beat for Vocals Challenge have probably already been spread around, but we will officially announce them again tomorrow.

But now, let's move on to round 6 with Jordi Moragues :

This way → https://www.audiotool.com/contest/weekly_challenge_6

Jordi challenges you to create a track with a different time signature than the usual 4/4. It can be 3/4, 5/4, or even more unconventional. The rest is up to your creativity.

Challenge Summary:

  • Create a track with a different time signature than 4/4
  • All time signatures allowed except 4/4
  • You can use any synths, drum computers, samples (within Audiotool Terms), and tools
  • All genres are welcome
  • Other usual rules apply (see Contest Page)
  • Deadline: September 25

Creator's Notes:

  • Complex meters like 7/8 will be valued higher than simple or compound meters like 3/4
  • Melodies should be composed to fit the time signature. They can't feel like 4/4 with something added afterwards, for example.

Enjoy and good luck!

Stay updated on the Summer Games Page:


And don't forget to follow us on our new social accounts:



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Introducing our Jury: Maral Samassi a.k.a. Arya Zappa

We thank Maral Samassi for supporting us as part of the jury at the Summer Games. <3

Artist under the moniker Arya Zappa, label owner (Konsequent Records), producer, and DJ.

She’s DJed and taught music production classes worldwide and is a multifaceted creative who’s collaborated with gaming companies, visual artists, fashion designers, and web3 projects to create music experiences.

Label: http://konsequent-records.com/

Artist: http://aryazappa.com/

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Beat For Vocal Challenge Closed | Winners Announcement Update

Thank you very much for 103 submissions! You guys are simply awesome!

Immediately after the deadline expired yesterday at 4 PM and the submission site closed, the tracklist was sent to the vocalists. It can be assumed that some have already made their selection. How exciting!

On Saturday the 16th, you can follow live how the selected tracks will be performed at the party in LA. To do this, simply click on the livestream link and watch the event.

Of course, the winners will be notified of their success even if they are unable to follow the stream.

It is definitely worth watching, as not only the three contest-winning tracks will be played. We can promise a few surprises along the way.

You can follow the moderated livestream here:


But we will also set up something directly on the Audiotool website

Additionally, you can listen to the Dublab broadcast on https://www.dublab.com hosted by Lady C

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Sound Recreation Challenge Ends | Next Challenge on September 18

Alright, Audiotoolers!

That was a tough challenge Cal Lycus came up with. Even more remarkable were the results that came out of it. Our props go out to those of you who dared to participate.

Here you can check out how Cal created this insane sound:

Summer Challenge Sound Design

Next week, we'll continue with an exciting challenge that Jordi Moragues has come up with for you.

So, stay tuned: The Summer Games continue on September 18th.

In addition, you get one more day to submit your entries for the Beat for Vocals Challenge.

Extended Deadline: September 12, 4 pm UST

Submit your beats to become a part of the Audiotool party in LA

Tune in live September 16, 6pm-10pm PST Live from our party in Los Angeles with Dublab

https://www.dublab.com/ | https://www.audiotool.com/ | https://www.twitch.tv/audiotoollive

Stay updated on the Summer Games Page:


And don't forget to follow us on our new social accounts



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  • astrum

Introducing our Jury: Jackson Hale a.k.a. Astrum

Jackson Hale, also known as Astrum , was one of our very first Audiotool superstars. Even as a young lad, initially under the name The Crazy Druminator, he took his first steps in electronic music production with us, until he quickly transformed into the Astrum we know today.

We had the pleasure of meeting him personally and witnessing his high-energy live performance at audiotool.con in Cologne back in 2013.

With Zonra, Jackson has created another alter ego and dropped some incredible albums.

We're super stoked to have Astrum on our Summer Games Jury and to have him join our party in Los Angeles on September 16th, where he will present new versions of some of his own Audiotool classics.

We can't wait!

Jackson Hale on Bandcamp:


Audiotool Party:


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  • summergames

Jay's Kitchen Sounds | Winners

Oh, that was exciting again.

This time, the result was very close. So close that even two artists have to share the second place. We haven't had that before.

The Challenge: JayFK took his microphone and collected sounds in his kitchen. All of them were of high quality, yet it wasn't easy to make something musical out of them. But you wouldn't be you if you couldn't shine even in this task. So many great entries, yet the jury had to determine three rankings.

We will start with the winner

  1. 1 Microwave complaint by Lavalamp

Jury Member and challenge Creator JayFK said about this track:

“Oh my god, awesome! The sounddesign... Aaaaahh. And I love the end with the dishwasher :-)”

Prize: 1 Sennheiser headphones HD 280 PRO and 1 limited Edition Audiotool T-Shirt

  1. 2 itchy Sounds by Olondro

Jackson Hale a.k.a. Astrum wrote about this track:

“Banger indeed. clean sound design and mix all around, atop a massive sounding bass drum”

Prize: 1 limited Edition Audiotool T-Shirt

  1. 3 Jay's Kitchen Challenge by retro²

Fritiof Palm a.k.a. Frigolito’s opinion was:

“Retro's submission displays a substantial level of craftmanship and creativity by bringing out a sizable variety of tonal sonorities out of the mostly non-tonal dry kitchen recordings in this crisp and vibrant composition. Delicious!”

As usual, the top ten scores will contribute to our overall tally on the Summer Games page. Ultimately, the participant with the highest overall score will be awarded the main Award. (will be updated during this day)

Leaderboard this way:


To the winners: Please, if we don't have them yet, send us your addresses and T-shirt sizes.

Stay updated on the Summer Games Page:


And don't forget to follow us on our new social accounts:



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