Audiotool app doesn't get past splash screen

  • about 1 month ago
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Audiotool app doesn't get past splash screen

I'm running Waterfox (it's downstream from Firefox and generally has excellent compatibility) on a fairly good desktop. After a long break the app started working for me in January, I think (may have been available sooner, I was only periodically checking). Was running pretty well for a while, but sometime in February I couldn't get into the app any more. As stated in the title, it just stays on the "now loading" splash screen, even if I leave it up for several hours.

Yes, I'm running the booster, and yes, I checked the FAQ and followed the instructions, such as clearing the cache. I've disabled all irrelevant plugins from running on the site. I don't want to download another browser just for the sake of using the app, even though it's obviously an easy solution. It was working fine for a bit and I'd like it to work again!

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    about 1 month ago

    What's the benefits of using waterfox vs. firefox or chrome?