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hey, kurpingspace2 here. 15 y/o
profile pic from helvellyn mountain which is 1km high. glad i got some pictures on the way.
so i'm trying to learn how to create better sounds in audiotool. in confusion i have figured out how to make a pretty kewl trippy growl with the comb filter and the filters with resonance. i made that track because i felt pretty angry and confused, and that track fits my mood at that time, im not really going to explain why i felt that way, it's too personal.
i made cyber sea really nice and quiet, like an aftermath of some kind of disaster. i was inspired by confusion to make the aftermath and also the aftermath of hacknet, a game i really liked to play and listen to. the soundtrack would fit in their sequel which is hackmud, but i don't think the drums fit the mood, so yeah, im still learning.
i really think if people take time by clicking the music tab on the toolbar of audiotool ( (link is only visible to registered users) ) and clicking on the most recent tracks, they can really find new artists that they may like and even help. but its a shame that nobody really does and they just say "oh well you cant really find anyone if you happen to find someone by accident" but they're just so ignorant -.-
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