Deleted my first track on accident

  • 4 weeks ago
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Deleted my first track on accident

Hello, I need help I've created a track and published it and it seems the audio was too low so i thought I would delete the track and it would be in my studio but it's not there. Is there anyway to retrieve the track ? Thank you

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    Jordi Moragues

    3 weeks ago

    If you deleted your published track through he "Delete" option, I don't think that there's a way to get it back since that option will also delete the associated draft. As stated in the dialogue box to confirm the operation: "DELETE TRACK. Warning! Are you sure you want to delete (track name)? Proceeding with this step will totally delete this track, including its corresponding draft. Please note that it is possible to publish a track again if you want to update it. This step cannot be undone."

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    / kurp /

    4 weeks ago

    you can republish your track.

    go to your track and click on the cog, and press open. change whatever you want and then go to file and republish.

    you can't actually delete your published songs, only hide them.