cozy doings (i don't know) last time i checked

and now y



one each! one one! never fret for i am, here! sweet nature on board for* a balcony look, i need to get a s

okay wait

(the typing of my keyboard, loud), i can almost hear it


okay w


&^$%STgb^/....%...del.ops? ewhat

I'm just

I can't

i'll send it over no2w2



Above me i can see critters that mean nothing, and they remind me of something i have never seen before

And after i see it I wonder

How wary should I be in light but really how much before the ship sails and i can't bare to see it go

but in the end my ultimatum is to see it off and i don't and i don't

and I feel so tired

looking at the blue

at least that's what it looks like

it's actually black

and i can't take it like this

I wish i could see another 360 degrees

but i can't take it

I step back inside!

there's no one inside!

but there's someone hanging from my head and hair I do not recognise\

or almost don't

I'm just so tired

I stare!


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