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  • flames

  • i am so glad i got more then 10 likes hahah

    • In the next inclusive data part 2 track, we have a lot of lofi material coming out inspired by you witch we did not post in the last publish. You are a big inspiration.

    • Dude, u must be kidding. Your music deserves thousands.

  • i'm always amazed at the kind of sounds you're able to make on this site man


    keep it up <3

    • yeah man its tru, now i am seeking more exp stuff but i ll be back in making some deep shit as well!

    • Voyd has turned more to experimenting stuff, which is not bad of course but his old stuff like ( peace 4 luv ) ( sndrs ) was the deepest shit. I hope he could pull some tunes like these out some day again. Most of his old stuff was way deeper. But everyone is evolving I guess

  • HQ LoFI

  • thank you!

  • i've been listening to this for hours holy christ

    the sound design is immaculate... :0