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"i feel like i'm not doing enough to impress everyone. but i realized i can't impress everyone and i guess that's the big life lesson someone from a motivational video would tell me with generic inspirational music playing in the background."
i like nature. expect to see a lot of it on my tracks.
this is an alt but I ain't telling what's my real one, lol
im boy | 18 | low education state | nature-enthusiast | bird-lover | semi-environmentalist?? | y'all im about to throw hands on them loggers | apolitical dummy | very laid back individual lol | i procrastinate a lot... both hygiene, college, and irl wise| i like using drums and i think that's probably one of my strong suits when it comes to music, lol. | i LOVE ethnic music to the highest extent >:(
it's alright to be simple. complex doesn't equal better. (in some genres)

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