Genre: Dubstep

My entry to Amoeba's remix contest! This track reminds me of my track Last Chance, which is FINALLY finished! :D

Now that this track is complete, I can work on my other 3 projects! YAY SIMULTANEOUS CRAMMING! :D But I'm off for summer so It's not a problem at all. lol Downloads will be available shortly or whenever file converter decides to work. :D Once again, ENJOY! And cross your fingers! ;)

Edit 1: Supersaw pad was too loud in the build to the second drop so I fixed tjat. The outro after the second drop soundedtoo plain to me so I added some things there as well.

Edit 2: I got rid of that random arp that plays a short riff in the drop. It was just so out of place and I thought it would sound better without it. I also gave the supersaw pad some distortion, specifically during the drop, which definately brings it out more. Thanks to Abstract for that advice!

I still feel that the outro is lacking. :/ I'm kind of stuck on it so any criticism on that would be fantastic! :)

HAHA! I finally fixed that pad! :D Now me likey.

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