this world is emptying

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  • refav

  • refav

    fucking obsessed with this track

    • ❤️

    • thanks for the love man its one of my favorites that ive made

      i've been thinking of re-recording it bc this version's mix is beyond saving,, i rlly wanna get it on streaming services when i can. you'll be the first to know if i make it happen!!!!

    • i still revisit this often

      this has remained my favorite track since i've joined audiotool

  • beautiful

  • withdecay - so happy you are here

  • really funny how these lyrics came true HA

  • You know, I'll be honest with you, I could hear a nice cover of this in the style of The Cure or something....I dunno, I've listened to this over and over again just running different ideas through my head. I'm still definitely going to do a cover of this, I still just don't have my set up lol.

  • I'd listen to this more, but it really fucks with me ngl. And I think that is great.

    • I'm not sure why. I think the combo of the dissonant chords and the melodic singing, including the lyrics hits me. When I'm listening to this with lower mood it really sends me down. When I wanted something to relate to or being able to channel those emotions I listened to this.

    • how so? if you dont mind me asking

      i'm glad it was able to touch you in some way regardless :)

  • Very nice !

  • Fairly certain I'm at least 200 of those listens

  • Don't mind me casually learning the bass line and playing along while listening

    • Yeah I gotcha lol. The music man is a little more on the pricey side, but believe me when I say that you get what you pay for with that kind of stuff.

    • Oh oh don't get me wrong, I'm not some rich fucker who buys shit and doesn't ever use it by the way, in case you got that impression lol. I'm very much so not at all rich, I just so happened to get fairly lucky as far as acquiring those two. That, and I play around with the bass (among other things) almost every day so I'm putting it to good use too

    • yeah when i get a bass im gonna be at square one because my only experience with playing bass was from before i even knew how to play guitar right lmao. i'll def consider the sub series as a choice though because i have no idea what else is out there lol

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  • refav again. i've been listening to this nonstop

  • fuck. yes.

    i actually love your voice on this

  • I love this

  • Beautiful yet haunting. Vocals are aaah, the vocals are good!

  • It's like a mix of Jamie Christopherson and deafhaven

    outstanding work, man!