2012 EDM MUSIC BABYYYYYYY, heavily inspired by the FH1 Bass arena radio station. def my fav

galactic (demo)

galactic (demo)

galactic (demo)

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  • that bass is so clean

  • dariacore flip of this would go crazy

  • This is fking awesome

  • sounds like the kinda music commonly featured on this little known record label called monstercat, perhaps even this other even more obscure one called NCS

  • great arrangement

  • an at radio station?

  • how u get this idea

    • i maen check out the amount of songs i posted then vs now

    • Dont dude! Ive been making music for 10 yeats to get to this point, trust me man u got more chances than me bc odmd the nwmew technologies and youtube videos, you got more chances than ever before keep it up!

    • im losing my confidence

    1 more
  • Audiotool radio station

  • oh i felt this one fasho🔥🔥🔥🔥


  • wow

  • new seb lets gooo

  • Reuploading this to a more radio version, I hope you guys like it

  • Adding vocals to this very soon

    • Also adding a better form of intro and fillers and better mixing

  • We travelling back to 2012 with this one!