Hi! nice to see ya again XD


As some of you may recently know, I just signed my fist label deal! kinda big news! and this is my song venting about my feelings on it lol


this song was actually a lot of fun for me to make. A hyperpop influenced hiphop song talking about self reflection and my purpose in making music; at the same time dealing with anxiety of the music industry. This is on of my personal favorites and WILL be included in the relaunch of "Purgatory"


I HOPE YOU ENJOY, I love u dearly <3

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  • can I remix this?

  • Nates bouta go Hollywood, hollywood

    • Heheh. I doubt he will

    • LMAOOO THATS SUCH AN OBSCURE REF BUT IM GLAD UR HIP (hope Nate dosent go Hollywood)

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  • all hyperpop should be like this

  • been awhile

    had to revist

  • this did not age well lmao

  • Yasssssss

  • bruh i been begging to get signed to carti. and u got a better sign lmaoo. congrats we all still proud of u

  • ur music is the best on audiotool 100%

    • Awww I’m flattered but there r hella good artists in this site haha

  • U have always been an inspiration t me. Im leaving at tho. Bye bro :(. (I jus said it here cause i cant comment on ur wall lol)

    • why can't you comment on my wall? and im sorry ur leaving audiotool, i hope you keep listening outside of audiotool (like spotify and apple music n stuff). I'm glad u found comfort and inspiration in my music it means alot


  • bro did you make this in audiotool? looks like you did

    • "some" proceeds to snapshot "HOLY FUCK"

    • Naw. I added some extra stuff into this daw but it was primarily made in garage band and a sample I found

  • i need 808

    • bet

    • ima just make a shit ton of presets and release them 2 the public soon lol

  • boi wut da hell boi

    this fire

  • can't stop listening to this, played this like 4 times a day since it came out. thank you poet

    • happy to help! it'll be out on all platforms soon enuf