I had the beat and I needed some spicyness

there could've only been one option





Sometimes it feels like i don't really even know you

You change so often i'm starting to think that we are not cool

I'm sorry i never called ill admit i never read your letter

I think ill grow in time and hopefully become better


Focusing on my mental manifesting a manifesto

Learning to cook in quarantine finally mastered pesto

I feel the same i know its lame the way the life changed

But if there's one thing in life that never does is that it will


Chill no need to argue over POVs

stuck online no grass caressed sugon deez

Add you on tiktok so i could send you stupid memes

Found myself thinking about us again fuckin silly schemes


I made that song for you when i lived in chicago

But it seems like i see you face every single place that i go

I know its a fruitless effort sowing dead seeds

But since youve gone i've got unfulfilled needs


I miss your touch i sleep gripping a pillow

Curled up in a ball like a fuckin armadillo

Bundled up in the winter ill give you my coat

I'm love sick and you my dear; the antidote


Been three months since we last made (love)

But what we had is something i cant dispose of

I make an extra cup in the morning out of habit now

I end up drinking one and half i'm addicted wow


I take responsibility for my fragility

I shouldn't have left you when we had compatibility

You make me so mad the way you just float through life

Jealousy envy spite cut me like a knife


I finally get it like the song i made with retro

looking for myself since i made it out of metro

Please don't mistake malicious with ambitious

I hope you get this letter, my dear mistress


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