Cover of track 200 Followers Remix comp <33333333333333 ( coldbeast remix) bro by HideAway
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HideAway, 200 Followers Remix comp <33333333333333 ( coldbeast remix) bro



It was a long road to the 200 followers, but now i am here and now i want to thank you guys with hosting my first remix competition.

I know the setup i've made to this is crap, but i just wanted to get the meoldy and the drums, so you guys can be creative with it.

Of course there are some rules...

1. The thing that is most important to me is creativity. it will also be a point of my judgement. If you want me to, i could also send you the vocals in a changed bpm, if you need that.

2. You can use every DAW you want (i can send you the vocals per e-mail)

3. Due date will be the 4th October 24.

4. There will be prizes, but i am not sure what it will be.

5. Name it how the fuck you want it, as long as i see that it is a remix of this.

Have fun ^^

P.s. I'll also join :P

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