Cover of track 25 FOLOWER SPESIAL by JBH
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guys help this isnt me ive been captured and held against my will and im currently being forced to eat raw turnips and make racist jokes on the internet for profit of a corporation known as [ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR]. i just made this as fast possible to appease my captors. my coordinates are [WE ARE HERE. WE SEE YOU. YOU ARE NEXT. KILL WHITEY]. i dont have much time and i just want some better food. like seriously they dont even have a toilet and they only grow turnips. what kind of garbage is that right? i mean you can stage an entire kidnapping operation and be completely invisible but you only have enough money to grow turnips and nothing else? this is gay. i want to go home. i hate it here. they only watch the view and reruns of chelsea lately. who the hell are these people? help me.

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