1k devices rip

bunch of random crap put together for the drop

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  • Im still fucking waiting

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  • Gyat

  • 3000 plays, wow.

  • holy moly dude

  • do i dare touch remix button?

    yes. this may be the end of me but i shall.

    • legend has it to this day that the draft is still loading

  • 3:02 drop almost had me going

  • remix button lookn mighty sexy

  • This is total trash track.. just 1k devices instead of 5k.. Today music quality is measured in the amount of devices, so totally a trash here.

    • You just wrote a whole e-book in reply to a ROFL comment which I randomly made. Jeez, man...

    • On a serious note, I strive to utilize everything I can to the best of my ability, making use of every knob, and making sure nothing gets unnoticed. Getting weird combinations, to get really cool sounds, to then sometimes resample.

      Nowadays, amongst everyone else, it's a dick measuring contest. For me, it's my way of going about experimentality.

    • You could argue that certain devices weren't needed; I know it's merely a taste for vault boy and I. Some people like over-saturated noise, others like mass amounts of filtering with strange devices. We like modulation. A whole lot of it. I’m sorry you hate our workflow, we’ll do better next time! 😃

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  • This sounds insane but I can hear phasing issues with my AirPods Pro 2 T_T

    Other than that FAWT DAYUMMM 😭😭

    • Phasing issues aren't that bad. Hans Zimmer does it a lot - It adds tension. But knowing how to turn it off is an important thing to know, if it ever came down to it.

    • I question if u know what phasing issues mean

  • hard asf

  • Those brasses are something else.

  • this is heat

  • Can we just appreciate how amazing this mixdown is

    • Since I've left AT, I've seen and made true clean mixes. This track could be a lot better. It doesn't help that the EQs here have such shitty phasing issues, with the combination of phase offset by just not knowing what we were fucking doing in general. It's just muddy is all, though. It's not a terrible mix, but it's also not as clean as you think.


      It's better to re-check your resources, than to assume someone is wrong for commenting such a bold statement on such a large track.

    • Get a new headset dude

    • It's kinda muddy and unclear in a lot of parts, actually lol

  • That snare is cheeks but the sound design is well done. 😳