Cover of track 321 go- remix comp- 250 by {dead} ☁
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{dead} ☁, 321 go- remix comp- 250



just decided to do a drop- plz remix.

I was gonna just leave it empty like AT day but i wanted to give you something to work with.

add as much as you like.


due date- 1st of august, but if I need to extend the time for someone who hasnt finished I will.

make it over 2.50 minutes. anything less will not be counted.

edits not allowed- must be a full song, not just edits.

have fun, which is the most important one!

and YOU MUST KEEP THE EDM VOCAL SAMPLE, anyone get rid of that and it wont be counted.

good luck!

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    about 3 years ago

    hold on....