Here's the remix draft you can use, its been minimized to the basics, that way you can easily be creative with the whole draft - OUTERWORLDS REMIX DRAFT


Deadline will be next month (8/22/2023) so please pay attention, but more than anything just have fun and be creative as possible!



1. tbh just do whatever sounds good :)

(and cant sound like the original if not youre disqualified, and try to make it copyright free <3)


Prizes will be updated throughout the month:

1. Top 5 will be in a video!

2. Pending


You can also support the song through this music video I made! -

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  • so like whens teh result

    • Waiting on my check so I can give the prizes this weekend!

    • He doesn't follow through with judging these things. Idk why he even made a second competition when he still hadn't judged the first.

  • seb wha is the result

    • He still hasn't judged "Remix comp thingy"

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  • ah yes the deadline is today and only just now my brain wants to try and work on it lol


    • Yup it is! But I actually am going to give u one more day, since I forgot I had something important todayy

  • Deadline updated for an extra day! Tomorrow is the results, so you guys still have time!

  • Love it *_*


  • these is no other word to describe this but magical i swear

    • 🀎🀎🀎🀎

  • 100 likes πŸ’™

  • where anime sauce

    • No anime sauce 😭😭

  • So we can do what ever we want with this but it can't sound like the original?

    • Kinda yeah! I still recommend with the original style if u can

  • Wow! This is a pretty darn fun melody. πŸ‘€

  • audible cocaine is the only thing i can describe mine, theres so many details

    • Haha that's funny πŸ˜‚

  • Very cool:) I may take a stab!

    • Love everyone! 🀎

    • no i love him more!

    • love you too dude πŸ’–πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«

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  • YOoooo THis is soo fire

  • Wait you just hit 200?

    • bro wants to be mysterious and unknown

    • Yeah I removed some people, I would of had about 900 rn, but that's boring

    • he removed

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  • this song is way too good, if i were to remix this it would be ruined lmao

    • There's a simpler version on the description you can use! I wanna hear ur version for sure!