Similar to Sila's brainworks series, @Sinusoidal requested that I make a track that expresses what I believe his style to be like. I decided to go with something basic or else I think i'd stray too far and start getting weird lol

Whether or not this is actually accurate, i'm dedicating this to you CS, thanks for always supporting me and entering my remix comp :)

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  • Gotta love that 303

  • I really want to make music like this. So sick

  • that 303 is so fitting wow

  • I'm glad I finished this before my ear got infected lmao


  • gonna be honest, this sounds like something @Blooome would make lol

    • I might make another attempt in the future cuz I agree lol

  • neat beat, song flows nice

  • :O WOAH

    • now i wanna try to make a Jetdarc Dystopian World Simulator

    • this is honestly sick

      didn't peg you as a 303 user though lol

  • wow

  • I love you Jetdarc! :)))

  • jetdarc


    using a 303?????????????????????????

    this cant be real, i am absolutely flabbergastedio

    • for real?????? how dare you not use the power of the 303 >:(((((

      i guess the 303 just dont fit the style of music you make maybe idk lol

      though i can imagine how you'd use a 303 in a future chiptune song hahe

    • i think this is the first time i really used it in a song lol

  • 🥰