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Zerod, Zerod's 20,317 Comments Remis Comp


So, as me being a Zerod guy, I figured to think outside the box this time and make a remix comp based off of scoring a scene.


Competition: You will compose a track meant to fit one of the four scene types:

1.) Action scene

2.) Suspense/Horror scene

3.) Sad scene

4.) Character theme

DISCLAIMER: There is no actual scene being used as a template. You'll have to use your imagination (Or just score one of your favorite scenes if you'd like)



- Delete what's in this comp track already. You cannot use what I have in here. I just used this as an action bassline to have something in here

- The track HAS to be over a minute long

- The track has to include a name for it (no cover needed unless you want to change the Zoored pic; I won't be offended)

- No, you don't need to put a drop in this. Film scores are a big dick-punch to the structure of EDM songs

- You CAN do multiple entries for each score type, but I will only count one of them (you can try to be clever and combine them, but good luck)

- You can do any style of sound you'd like, it just has to fit the setting you choose.

- Leave a description of what you did and what mood the score sets (I do not mean make a whole story and tell it in the description, just say what mood you wanted and what type of scene it is [car chase, death of a friend, hiding from a serial killer, etc.]

- You cannot copy already made scores, try and make your own. Temp music is the death of original scoring

- Leave your entry in this comment section


No, I will not include prizes. This is a competition meant for fun; do not try to be an overachiever because I said "1st place wins 1 Clout Coin."

The most I'll do is put your names on my bio, don't beg me for anything else unless you want to be on my bad side.


Anyways, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments. I'll do my best to get back to you ASAP.


Deadline: August 19 (I will delay it if anyone else needs time, but not if it's just one or two people)

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