@hurakan(album mode) I made this with his synth presets and it turned out really amazing

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  • how are there 14 drum loops in this lol

    • Like I said in the hurakan thread I used audiotracks, just like how you do it on fl studio. Because if I do it with the machiniste I won't wanna connect everything.

  • that bassy guitar synth is awesome

  • i love how you use my synths

    you're literally amazing

    • i love doing that

      i dont like machiniste too much ngl

    • each of those makes the drums have more balance in the mix

    • instead of just throwing them into the machiniste and making the midi myself

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  • Nice, nice. Reminds me a bit of Aerises stuff

  • this is my new favorite ApoC song

  • No way! I'm uploading synthwave today, too! This sounds amazing (better than mine)!

    • Could you make it loop? It feels like 30 seconds, even thought it's over 2 minutes.

  • Yes! <3

  • vibes.