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    what comes after 69?

    always mouth wash


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    Put The Remixing Option On there

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    You need to adjust the settings, so that we cant start to remix, please.

    This weekend I can make time to start a remix session with that specific track.

    If you would make the option " remix" available till Friday, I would be happy tor present a remix by the end of the next week.

    I will try to do a real BANGER like this one I made 2 month ago.

    WÅLK ft. Comethazine

    Also I might upload that remix to soundclound to see if it can get some reach there.

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      Thanks! The Contest Starts Tomorrow Tho , Can't Wait To See What You Make! And I like The Remix You did On soundCloud <3

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      One of my remixes already received 209.000 Plays on Soundclound and over 200 Likes. It plays 200 times per day and I think about ways to monetize those plays.

      Maybe you'll like that song too:

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      Hear you soon

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    Far Away (靄)

    open remix