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  • the first beat i actually make chords

  • I know i advertised this but how the fuck it got 200 listens

  • Republished

    +1 sound

  • Republished


  • Next time i'll def eq the chords

    just having writer's block and headphone's taken

  • Imagine this charts (impossible)

  • The beat fye asf but canera shot fx can be more on the beat plus the snare is too many times on the beat i will prefer if u change snares sometimes cus the snare getting repetitive and anoying for me but Overall the beat fye asf

    • ngl i was thinking off trmoving the camera shot completely, kinda dont like it and lookin at the project the snare does hit a lot lol


  • noice


  • This is fire dude

  • this is sick

  • Now that i think about it, that camera sound aint needed